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He Awa Mutunga Kore - A Takatāpui Journey

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Two worlds collide at Wellington's biggest ever LGBTIQ pride celebration where a takatāpui (queer Māori) activist seeks self-acceptance.

Kia ora! We are Kathleen and Jaimee, and we're making a great documentary.

This is the story of Kassie, and her journey to find balance in her identity as queer and Māori.

How will she stay true to herself in the glamorised pride parade?

The Wellington Pride Festival is the capital's annual celebration of LGBTIQ (queer and transgender) identities, and the 2017 festival is going to be the biggest in 25 years! It is a key time of celebration for this diverse community - but some stories are still not being told.

Takatāpui - LGBT Māori identity - is still not widely understood, even within Aotearoa. We want to use the momentum of this historic occassion to highlight and uplift this story of Takatāpui identity. 

This short documentary will utilise both English and Te Reo Māori to take us on a lyrical journey through Māori myth and proverb. It is an intensely personal story, but one with far-reaching themes. At its core, this film asks - how do we stay true to who we are?

We're excited to announce that 'He Awa Mutunga Kore - A Takatāpui Journey' has been generously supported by the Loading Docs initiative, along with principal partner NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, and Te Māngai Pāho.

This means that the film will be produced to Loading Docs' high standards, and be viewed by a wide audience.

We're asking for your support to help us film this vibrant and poetic story. We have an entire parade and festival to film, studio space to hire, and rainbow poi to braid. Our $2000 target will make the film a reality, and anything we can raise above that will make it bigger and better - more cameras, more crew, more elaborate costumes...

Thank you so much for giving your time and support - whether it be a $5 donation, a 'like' for our video, a share on Facebook or a sneaky word to your flush aunty. We'll pour all of that aroha into making the best film we can, to reflect this beautiful voice and community who deserve to be seen.


  • Final Film Released!


    Kia ora whānau,

    Thank you for donating to the Boosted campaign for 'He Awa Mutunga Kore - A Takatāpui Journey', and for your patience and support as we have worked to capture this story and put it on film.

    The final short documentary is finally available to view online! The film has a new title to reflect its new life:

    'He Kākano Ahau - From The Spaces In Between' tells the story of a courageous takatāpui activist fighting for true diversity in our Gay Pride celebrations.

    You can view the finished film HERE: [http://loadingdocs.net/he-kakano-ahau/]

    This film wouldn't exist without your support, so thank you for believing in us. Please help us share this story of takatāpui experience! We hope that this small piece will serve a much larger whole, by highlighting a story often overlooked in our rainbow community and asking what it means to be queer and Māori in Aotearoa.

    Please note that the film will also be available to watch on TVNZ OnDemand, and will be screened on Māori Television! We are working to hold a screening of all of the short films made as part of Loading Docs near the end of August in Wellington, and hope to see you there.

    Ngā mihi nui,

    -Kathleen Winter



    Kia ora whānau, our crowdfunding campaign is officially complete - and we raised 208% of our target! 116 individual people donated to make this film a reality, and we're deeply grateful for your support. We'll be doing more filming during April and working to release the final film in the middle of this year.

    We'll use our facebook page to keep you up to date as we get closer to release, give us a quick 'like' to stay in the loop.

    It's heartening to know that we carry your aroha into this project, and we're excited to tell this beautiful and important story.

    Ngā mihi nui,

    -Kathleen, Jaimee and the 'Takatāpui Journey' team.



    Kia ora friends, whānau and supporters,

    With just over two days left in our crowdfunding campaign, we're celebrating the huge successes we've had so far. Over 100 people have supported us by donating, allowing us to film the Wellington Pride Parade in all its glory! As a show of thanks, here's a sneak peak at some of our footage: Why Make This Film?


    We're still hustling to raise more $$ before Friday to help us complete the film to a professional standard, and to put together a short video for the group Tiwhanawhana. Thank you for your love and support, please continue to share the word, and we look forward to celebrating the end of our campaign in a few days time!


  • Pride Parade Wrapped!


    The Wellington Pride Parade is over and done with. Thanks to your love and support we were there with THREE cameras, and we have days of beautiful footage to put into the film. Thank you all for helping us get to this point.

    We still have some cheeky studio footage to film, and a big pile of editing to rip into. With 11 days left in our crowdfunding campaign, we're continuing to spread the word as we push on to our goal of $7000 (!!). If we hit this target, we can produce a SECOND short film about the takatāpui community group Tiwhanawhana.

    Every $5 pledge is another hour we can spend behind the editing screen, shaping stories that deserve to be seen and heard. 

    Ngā mihi nui,

    - Kathleen, Jaimee and the crew.


    Pride Parade Wrapped!


    We’ve reached our $4000 target with one day to spare -- which means we’ll be filming the Pride Parade this Saturday with no less than THREE cameras!

    We’re so excited, and so grateful to everyone who has given so far. 112 people have now donated to the film. Thank you to all of our family and friends and to the many, many strangers who have donated to support this kaupapa. 

    With two weeks left in the campaign, we’re aiming for an ultimate goal of $7000. If we can hit that target, the money will give us the time and resources to cut together a second, short ‘companion’ video about Tiwhanawhana - a takatāpui community group here in Wellington.

    They’re a beautiful group with so many different stories and experiences to share.

    Excited to see one short film about takatāpuitanga? Get pumped for TWO of them.



    We’re so honoured to have hit our target on the FIRST DAY of our campaign. Our $2000 goal was the bare minimum amount we need to start work on this film. I guess we totally underestimated the love, support and need for this story to be told.

    So now we’re starting to dream big.

    Our next goal is to hit:

    $4000 by Friday the 17th!

    If we can hit that goal in time, we’ll be able to hire THREE cameras to film the Wellington Pride Parade and Out in the Park fair. There are three streets of beautiful mayhem to capture and we want to do it right.

    Please keep hustling, shoulder-tapping, sharing and wallet-opening to help us reach this new target, so we can capture this historic occasion with the high definition and scale it deserves.

    Ngā mihi nui,

    - The 'Takatāpui Journey' team.



    This is too much. We're blown away by your support, and are already making big plans for the rest of this crowdfunding month. Watch this space, and thank you for launching our waka with so much enthusiam and love.



  • Incredible Day One!


    Tēnā koutou katoa,

    We are so humbled and honoured by the support this project has seen in its first 12 hours of life.

    We went live at 8am this morning, and by midday we had $750. Now we’re well over $1000 - on day one!

    I know I speak for all of us on this small and passionate team when I say that we struggle asking for help, especially for money, from our families and from our community. To have support given freely means so much - and has shown us what this film means to so many people. This story needs to be told.

    The donors who have given $50 or $100 are the foundations that will get this film made. The many, many people who have given $5, often anonymously, are the reason we are making this film. We hear and feel what you’re giving.

    Okay, enough emotion. It takes a big pile of $$ to make a movie, and this story deserves to be made in a beautiful and professional way. Please keep sharing, spreading the word, shoulder tapping and wallet-opening.

    We’ve made an official Facebook page for the film - a way for you to follow us as we document this crazy process, and be the first to hear when the film is finished and ready. https://www.facebook.com/takataapuidoco/

    Ngā mihi nui,


    Incredible Day One!

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