Emily Innes

Hazel - a short film about stillbirth

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It's a beautiful spring day and a baby has been born. People and flowers fill the house and food is lovingly prepared. Cards arrive in the letterbox, to be put on display amongst flowers, nappies, toys and maternity notes.

But the bassinet lies empty. The baby has been stillborn, and must be farewelled.

This film is based on the real experiences of many families. It's an emotional, intense and personal story, and one that needs to be told.

I have the support of Andrea Bosshard ("The Great Maiden's Blush"), who is guiding me through the pre-production process and mentoring me as director on-set. She's also helping me to assemble a top-notch cast and crew, ensuring that this will be a high-quality and beautiful piece of filmmaking.

The film will be shot in my local community of Naenae, Lower Hutt, in November 2016, and we need $5000 to make it happen.

A huge thank you to everyone who is able to contribute to this film. You are all wonderful! 


  • We've done it!!! I can't thank you all enough! xxxxxxxxxx


    We've done it!!! I can't thank you all enough!  xxxxxxxxxx
  • 92%!!


    We're at 92% with around 70 hours to go! Woohoo!!

    Thank you everyone so, so much. Can I ask that you share this page one more time if possible, just to help us get across the line? Crowdfunding is not my forte, but thanks to every single one of you - your belief in the project - your generosity - I think we are going to make it!

    You are all so wonderful and you are all part of this film. Your babies are part of this film.

    I can't wait to make this film.

    Lots and lots of love,

    Em  xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo



  • Captain Fantastic


    Hi everyone,

    Another big thank you to everyone for contributing to this film - we are getting there but things have slowed down quite a bit! If you could help me continue to get the word out by sharing this page I would be so very grateful. We've got fourteen days of our Boosted campaign remaining, so time is ticking.

    To help reach our target, I'm holding a film screening of "Captain Fantastic" at the Lighthouse Petone, on Sunday the 2nd of October at 7pm. Ideally, I'd like to sell as many tickets as possible BEFORE the 29th (our Boosted cut-off), so that this can be counted towards our Boosted goal. Would you or anyone you know like to join us?? The film stars the wonderful Viggo Mortensen, and recently screened at the Film Festival, so if you missed it then - now's your chance! Tickets are $25 each, which includes a bag of jaffas each , and there will be awesome raffles up for grabs including a prize pack from Tumbleweed Tees (check them out! https://tumbleweedtees.com).

    Here is the Facebook event page, which includes details fo how to buy a ticket: https://www.facebook.com/events/795436897225970/

    Thanks again everyone - with your help we can do this! Sharing among your own networks would help me hugely.

    Regarding the actual project, we have Waka Attewell confirmed as our Director of Photgraphy, which is really exciting. We are also in negotiations with Resene, who are going to let us film some scenes inside their paint factory here in Naenae. They are a big supporter of film, and the factory is a well-known iconic building for the Hutt, so it's wonderful to be able to include them. (I've also had a lot of fun planning some fantastic visuals of swirling vats of paint!).

    The Resene scenes will feature our young mum working at the paint factory, having recently lost her baby. More will be revealed soon.

    I'm also planning on including some shots of our beloved Avalon "smiling windmills" sculpture if at all possible... this will tie into the tiny windmill decorations that we see on babies graves, and help to place the film even more firmly in Lower Hutt.

    To all who have donated in memory of their precious babies - we're so very honoured that you have done this, and with your permission I will be including all their names in the credits (I'll be in touch about this later on).

    Thank you again everyone.

    Love Emily.

    Captain Fantastic


    A huge thank you to every single one of you, for helping this film get much closer to becoming a reality in just the past week!

    We are currently sitting on 47% of our target. If you can keep sharing this page that would be wonderful, as things may slow down from here onwards. The way Boosted works is that we need to reach the target of $5000 or everybody gets a refund.

    All the filming will take place in Naenae and will include three different locations: my own house, the local cemetery and one other location that we are yet to confirm. This third location will be the workplace of the young mum who has lost her baby. All going to plan, we will shoot in mid-November, over three days.

    Thank you again - I can't express how much it means to me to have so many people getting behind this project. You're all amazing.

    Love from Emily x