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HATENKOHRO is coming to NZ

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Hatenkohro is a one-of-a-kind entertainment troupe that consists of metal music, Japanese classical dance, sword battle, classical violin and modern dance with a bit of cosplay essence. We have been invited to perform at Japan Day on the 3rd of March at Eden Park this year, but we need your assistance to get there!

None of the members is ordinary, and all are professionals in their special skills. HATENKOHRO is a bunch of folks with high-end performance, and their aim is to spread an essence of Japan in a unique way.

You will be amazed. Our costumes were made by Kiwis and some of the costumes have been featured during Auckland Art Week at Swan Hotel. Four costumes were designed and made by Unitec Costume Dept. students last year, and the rest are being made by publicly recruited people.

All the arrangement was made by KIMONO KOLLAB, an upcycling pre-loved kimono project based in Auckland. KIMONO KOLLAB also collaborated with Hills Hats, an authentic hatter in Wellington and made some hats for Hatenkohro out of pre-loved kimono. We are not only a group of performers but also eco-conscious and through this thoughtful upcycling and cross-cultural project, we made great relationships with some Kiwis.

How you can help us

Since HATENKOHRO was born in 2016, our vibrant and dynamic performances have attracted many eyes in Europe and China. Word has spread to New Zealand, hence our invitation to perform at Japan Day this year! Despite all the excitement, however, we still have the question of how to cover our travel expenses- the expense for 10 people (including our manager) and our usual equipment is not an amount we can casually spend!

Giving up this amazing opportunity is not an option, as we have made wonderful friendships in New Zealand already and would love as many people as possible in New Zealand to experience our show.

How donations will be used

We are seeking donations that will be used for our air tickets mainly. Our target amount is $5,000 which will cover part of our air tickets (as Hatenkohro has 10 members!) and it will make a huge financial difference, we can breathe and perform better!!


HATENKOHRO will have a very busy year. We will tour around China, where the economy is soaring. We are invited to Romania and Russia, where we have never been to perform as well. Unlike the previous two years, in 2019, there are a lot of performing opportunities in Japan.

Wherever we perform, we will wear the costumes made by Kiwis and we will use the music video (hopefully we could find a kiwi producer!!) for a preview of our performances.

The opportunity to perform at Japan Day on the 3rd March at Eden Park means a lot to us as we will release our new music with the new costumes made by Kiwis and new music video recorded by Kiwi (hopefully)!! We would love to share this meaningful moment with as many Kiwis as possible.


Last but not least, here are the introductions of all of our members. Your kind donationa will bring these members to New Zealand:

Jigoro (Swordfight Actor) - He has been seen both on stage and television. His dynamic and sexy performance attracts many audiences.

NatsunA (Modern Dancer, Swordfight Actor) - NatsunA is not only a dancer and swordfighter, she is a model as well.

Yohei Takemoto (Swordfight Actor, Modern Dancer, Japanese Classical Dancer) - Yohei has a title of World Champion in Sports Aerobics, and has been a television narrator.

Izki Hananomoto (Japanese Classical Dancer) - Izki is a young master teacher of Japanese Classical Dance. When she is not on stage, she is in a dance studio to teach younger dancers.

Masaki Komatsu (Swordfight Actor) - He is a descendant of real Ninja! He also encourages young people to foster their swordfighting talents.

Yoshie Kajiwara (Violinist) - Yoshie plays a wide range of music including Jazz and Irish. She is active not only in performing but also providing music to many industries.

Zenya Sakata (Guitar) - His reputable guitar technique is unique and subtle. He is also active in supporting other bands performances both in Japan and abroad.

Katsuhiko Endo (Drums) - He is award-winning - winning an award at a drum contest in Japan. He is active in many fields such as recording, and TV appearance support.

Sada (Bass, Hatenkohro Leader) - While performing the stage/mage music production as a composer and arranger, Sada is active in both Japan and overseas as a guitar player.

Thank you very much for your support, we are all looking forward to welcoming you to our show!!




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