Mason Packer

'Hades' - Chicago-based Feature Thriller from NZ Duo Directors

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'Hades' is a contained feature thriller set in the suburbs of Chicago, about the modern return of the bubonic plague. We follow a family of four as they isolate themselves from the medical pandemic surrounding them. In the midst of their remote chaos, the family starts to unravel as an overbearing father, Hudson, takes extreme precautions to protect his loved ones and in doing so locks his infected son, Ameer, away from the family's mother Dahlia, and daughter Ellie.

'Hades' would be the 3rd feature film for Mason Cade Packer & Micah Winiata, who form the directing partnership of Free Chicken, previously a successful HP 48 Hour Film Competition team, led by the two. 

Free Chicken's previous feature, a time-travel drama titled 'Faint of Heart' is set to release in late 2019. The project was shot and completed for under $2,000 NZD and is an example of the kind of work this directing duo can achieve with incredibly small budgets and a lot of Kiwiana hustle.

While studying a 2nd BA in Chicago, Mason and Micah have put together a crew of talented collaborators and actors from the local industry who are ready to pounce on the production of 'Hades' once funding is achieved. The project is set to shoot in mid-late August 2019 and will release in 2020.

Mason & Micah are resourceful and experienced independent filmmakers aiming to raise $10,000 NZD to begin production on 'Hades', and believe that this amount would be enough to give voice to their unique story concepts and bring 'Hades' to the big screen. 

Please consider donating to support New Zealand filmmakers; even a little can go a long way. 


  • 100% Funded and Climbing - What's Next?


    Wow! Thank you to everyone who donated to 'Hades'. This has been a passion project of ours for months now, and it's beautiful to finally see it coming to fruition. So, where do we go now that we've exceeded our goal?

    While 'Hades' can be made excellently for $10,000 NZD ($6,500 USD), we're already planning to seek additional financing from private investors to get us closer to our ideal budget of $15,000 NZD ($10,000 USD). However, as Boosted runs on an "all or nothing" structure, we had to low-ball our goal initially in order to be confident that we could secure most of the financing needed for our film. 

    With only 4-days left in the campaign, we're still pushing for as much additional support as we can muster. We're hoping with the generosity of friends, family and private investors that we can reach our stretch goal and obtain the remaining $5,000+ NZD ($3,500+ USD), even long after the campaign ends. 

    All additional donations that exceed our initial 100% goal will go directly into expanding the film's budget and will work towards making 'Hades' as big and as bold as it can be. 

    A major thank you from Mason and Micah, founders of Free Chicken.