Sadia Gordon

Third Year Actor Films UNITEC

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With limited resources we are hoping to raise $2000 to help to create four world-class short films.

We are actors in our third and final year of training at Unitec studying towards a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts majoring in acting. As our final film project at Unitec we have been given the challenge as a class to create four short films. 

This project is entirely driven by members in our class. We have developed and written four very different short films over the past 4 months and are now in the process of pre-production. The films will be directed, crewed and acted in by members of our class.

This project will widen and enhance our skills as emerging artists before we graduate to embark on careers in the New Zealand film and television industry.

With your help you will give us the opportunity to make good short films into GREAT short films.


  • 51% Achieved


    So far we have achieved 51% of our goal for our project. We are all so grateful for the support we have recieved so far.

    The four final drafts have been submitted and we are now in the final stages of pre-production. In seven days time we will starting shooting our four short films. Below is a description of each film and who is involved.


    An adoption story from a whole new perspective.
    Written by Grace Augustine, Sadia Gordon, Sarah Nessia, Hannah Rohe & Michael Wightman Directed by Hannah Rohe
    Cast – Reuben Bowen, Ava Diakhaby, Rhian Firmin, Sadia Gordon, Shannon Hawkey & Amber Liberté

    Into the Light
    Three flatmates live next door to the most annoying Christmas lights display, they want it gone...what happens when they take it is heart-stopping.
    Written by Rhian Firmin
    Directed by Rhian Firmin
    Cast – Taylor Griffin, Waimarie Stone & Michael Wightman,

    Written by Amber Liberté
    Directed by Amber Liberté
    Cast – Grace Augustine, Tyler Brailey, Taylor Griffin, Michael Jamieson & Holly Stokes

    The Library
    A university student learns the hard way what the consequences are for not paying for photocopying.
    Written by Michael Jamieson
    Directed by Reuben Bowen
    Cast- Blaise Clotworthy, James Corcoran, Ava Diakhaby, Sarah Nessia, Brianna Smith & Trinity Whyte.

    51% Achieved