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Gods Own Country New Songs About Old NZ

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Fifteen top songwriters have written songs about old New Zealand with the aim of making a CD, performing a concert and making a documentary about the project. 

Artists include; John Hanlon, Geoffrey Chunn, Donna Dean, Cameron Bennett, Robyn Kamira, Craig Bracken, Linn Lorkin, Adam McGrath and more as listed below. 

The song subjects range from Charlotte Badger (the first European woman in New Zealand), Nancy Wake (Spy), The Orpheus and Ventnor shipwrecks, Beatrice Tinsley (Astronomer), Archibald Baxter (Conscientious Objector), a Thomas Bracken poem 'God's Own Country' put to music by Chris Priestley and Craig Bracken (the Great Great Grandson of Tom) and more. 

A concert at the Crystal Palace in Mt Eden is to be filmed and recorded with the possibility of taking it to other areas and adding more local songwriters. 

Funds raised through the Boosted project will support the making of the CD.

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"God's Own Country" New Songs About Old NZ Artists & Songs Chronologically: 

"New Zealand": A James K. Baxter poem put to music by *Paul McLaney*

"Venus in Chains": Charlotte Badger's story by *Gloria Florence*

"The Last Green Flash": (A Ghost on the Deck of the Orpheus) by *Geoffrey Chunn*

"Wrong Side of the Law": The Burgess/Kelly Gang by *You Me Everybody*

"The Ghost of the Vulcan Hotel": by *Cameron Bennett*

"Ballad for Brunner": by *Steve Cournane*

"God's Own Country": A Thomas Bracken Poem put to music by *Craig Bracken & Chris Priestley*

"499": The Ventnor Story by *Robyn Kamira & Wai.Tai*

"Fanny Rose": The story of Princess Te Rangi Pai by *Truda Chadwick*

"1913 The Strike" by *Adam McGrath*

"Archie Baxter/Field Punishment No 1*: by John Hanlon

"Tiger Lil" of Don Bucks camp": A poem by Marianne Simpkins put to music by *Chris Priestley*

"La Souris Blanche": Nancy Wake's Story by *Linn Lorkin & Chris Priestley*

"Unbound Universe": A tribute to Beatrice Tinsley by *Carol Bean*

"Ena's Song": Ena Evenell by *Donna Dean*

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Listen to the Radionz interview with John Hanlon, Cameron Bennett & Chris Priestley