Adrian Dwyer & Daniel Waratini

God of the Sea and Other Waters

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God of the Sea and Other Waters is a new short film directed and produced by third-year AUT Television students, Daniel Waratini and Adrian Dwyer.

What is our short film about?

Well... Trout is on a road trip, seizing the good weather as an opportunity to visit the beach. On a pitstop, Trout is sound asleep in the back of their car while his friends venture into the woods. From the bushes, a mysterious old man emerges to take the car. When Trout comes to, he finds himself stuck in the car with this unknown man, and must do his best to figure out his origins, the nature of his intentions, and if he is in danger.

Our goal is to raise $500 and we need your help to make this possible. Your donations will go towards:
-Paying our actors
-Providing catering for cast and crew
-Petrol (driving from Auckland CBD to Piha for 3 days)
-Creating props and necessary costuming

We want to tell a quirky and interesting story that showcases the beautiful landscapes of West Coast New Zealand. 

We hope this film will be mysterious, fun, insightful and everything in between.

Thanks for your support.




    Hey guys!

    Daniel and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us reach our goal of $500 and some more!

    As of 25/08/2017. the project is at $572 with 12 days left. We would love to get extra funds which would be put towards paying the actors a better fee.

    But a massive thank you to all the kind donators who have invested in our project!

    Adrian and Daniel