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Go Mine!

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My name is Ruth Evans and I am a Dunedin based artist undergoing the Master of Fine Art programme at Otago Polytechnic.

During the last 18 months I have been working on a project titled Go Mine which will be exhibited at the Dunedin Gasworks Museum in March 2017. This multifaceted body of work consists of a tabletop game, a collection of zines and selection of folk songs, created in relation to New Zealand's mineral extraction industries.

It is the tabletop game component of the project which I need your help in actualising.

Based on New Zealand's mineral extraction industries, Go Mine is a subversive game which allows players to act as corporate tycoon's intent on mining the planet for resources. In the process, action cards are collected to be used in attack or defence against opponents. Shipments are created and exported, allowing players to gain the points needed for further mining and future bribing. Bribed officials provide players with continuous privledges throughout the game.

During their move, players can establish conference calls where, for no longer than two minutes at a time, they can discuss changing or amending the rules of the game, thus, allowing players to actively reform the system itself. Any rule changes agreed upon through majority vote become ratified on the following move of the player who proposed said change. This mechanism, known as nomic, allows players to establish their own system under which to play the game.

In order to win Go Mine, a player must own 5 bribe cards at the end of their turn. However, should the planet be exhausted before this is achieved, everyone loses.

The hard work has been done, and the game is now ready to enter its next stage. This is where I need your help. Im hoping to raise $2000 so that I can manufacture and publish Go Mine, making it available to purchase at my graduation exhibition and project launch. I invite you to be apart of bringing this work to life by donating whatever funds you can, and sharing this Boosted campaign to your friends, family and community.

Every bit helps - no donation is too small.

Thank you for your support.