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Award winning ensemble Affetto, based in Auckland and Hamilton, has commissioned Wellington luthier Jason Petty to make a Theorbo for the group, and we're seeking funding for the first stage of acquiring this incredible instrument.

Affetto is an early music group, which means we play music from the 16th and 17th centuries, on the old instruments from this time.  You'll see our wonderful instruments on the video, Pete plays cornetto and Baroque Trumpet, Polly plays all members of the viola da gamba family, Rachael plays the harpsichord and organ, and Jayne is our singer.  We're all professional musicians, trained overseas, known nationally as experts in our fields, and all very passionate about early music.

We play with the belief that music from this era is made more vivid, brilliant and musical when played on authentic instruments, from people who live and breathe the style of this music.  A recent review of us said  "Affetto perform with an expertise, a playfulness and joy that can only come from the deepest love of, and for, what they do" (Theatreview 2013).  But we feel there is something missing....Adding a theorbo to our group will mean we can bring more of this amazing music to life.

A Theorbo is a plucked bass instrument, and was at its zenith in the 17th and 18th century, from opera to chamber music, as a normal part of the baroque ensemble. It's a visually stunning instrument, would increase our repertoire range, adding a fantastic sound colour to the group, and be of benefit not only to the Auckland and Hamilton early music scene, but also nationally as Affetto does more and more touring. Jason Petty will be making what we believe to be the first Theorbo made in New Zealand.

We have loads of supporters out there (yes, that's you!)

We have loads of supporters out there (yes, that's you!), and hope you'll all help us, in whatever way you can.  We hope to debut our Theorbo in March 2014, but we're keen to meet our supporters and fans from outside Auckland and Hamilton, and if we can come to your town and show off our new Theorbo when we get it, we'd love to!


  • The THEORBO makes it DEBUT! You're invited!


    Dear amazing Affetto supporters.

    You'll be delighted to know that our incredible Theorbo, made by Jason Petty, will be debuted in a few weeks, in Auckland and Hamilton. Philip Griffin will be playing the Theorbo, and will be joined by Jonathan Le Couq on Theorbo and Baroque Guitar. Yes, that's right, TWO theorbos will be featured in this concert of amazing Baroque music from Affetto.

    We would love to invite you to attend this concert at a special rate of $20 (instead of $30).

    Please email us at with the word DONOR in the subject line, and with what performance you would like to come to, and we'll reserve tickets for you at this special 'thank you' rate.


    The Theorbo Debut

    Friday 13th June 7:30pm, Ponsonby Baptist Church, Auckland.

    Saturday 14th June, 7:30pm, Ponsonby Baptist Church, Auckland.

    Sunday 15th June, 3:00pm, St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton.

    The THEORBO makes it DEBUT!  You're invited!
  • We've DONE it!


    Affetto is Boosted!  Thank you everyone for such a wonderful support.  We are thrilled that we've reached this goal, thanks to your support, and your generosity.  We know you all support us at concerts, and we love your positive feedback.  We feel we have a special ensemble, and we can't wait to 'give back' to you all once we have the Theorbo in our hands.  

    As well as a HUGE thank you to you all, we'd like to throw a special thank you out to the people who helped us put this all together.

    Larry Elliot from Vivante recording did the sound.  Thanks Larry!

    Andrew Dalleston (our Mr Pepys from our March concert) did the incredible job of making the video for us.  You're AMAZING Andrew!

    Also thanks to Jason Petty, and Danny Shoskes who graciously let us use video of the Theorbo being played (which of course we needed to show you WHAT we were getting!), and Lucas Harris, the Theorbo player for Tafelmusik who Jayne knew from her Boston days, who was the one who put us un touch with Jason, and Daniel.

    We hope to debut our Theorbo in March, so stay tuned for more updates!

    With grateful thanks

    Jayne, Rachael, Polly and Pete.


  • Almost there!


    Hi everyone!  Again, a huge thanks to you all!  We've noticed the large number of anonymous donations, from incredibly generous people.  We really do wish we could thank you all in person, but are glad that we can reach out to you this way, and thank you again for your kindness.

    It seems we aren't the only ones who feel that playing early music on these instruments is not only important and scholarly, but makes us hear the music in a new way, that is natural, uplifting, and where all the nuances and emotion of the music can be brought out.  The combined subtlety and power of the theorbo will, we promise you, blow you away!

    We can of course, go over 100% - and we're going to try!  Thank you again, and stay tuned for more information.

    mille grazie,

    Jayne, Pete, Polly and Rachael.

  • Almost halfway


    We're making great progress thanks to you all with your generosity.  It's amazing we're almost at 50% after only 6 days!  We're so very grateful to you all!  

  • What a great start!


    Thanks so much to everyone who's helped us get a great kick start!  We're super excited about this instrument, and your generosity is making it reality.  Wow!


Affetto is an early music group, which means we play music from the 16th and 17th centuries, on the old instruments from this time.

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