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The Pixel Lab, run by cross-media forum Power to the Pixel, is an exclusive workshop all about cross-platform audience engagement in the digital age. This is an area I have been lucky enough to have some success in and a huge area of interest for me given New Zealand's changing media landscape.

I am one of 32 people selected to participate in this week-long workshop in late June, early July. Half of those are producers with projects, and half are practitioners (I'm in this group). We will be paired on a project, have a week of intense workshopping and then pitch to a jury of experts at the end! 

This is a huge opportunity to upskill and bring fresh intel back to New Zealand to be able to do even more for all manner of projects in the arts sector. 

I have spent the past ten years working in the arts sector giving my time, energy and support to artists, musicians, dancers, film and documentary makers, fashion, design and creative types to promote, and sometimes produce, their creative ventures, often for free. Now I'm asking for a little help in return. 

The location of this workshop changes every year. Last year it was in Switzerland, this year it's being held outside the Scottish city of Inverness. It costs a lot to get to Scotland at short notice from New Zealand, and the $3100 fee to attend this workshop is almost as much as the flights to get there.

The New Zealand Film Commission is backing me and I am very grateful to have recieved a Professional Development Grant towards these costs. However, I still need another $1800 to actually attend the event. 

I sincerely thank you in advance for your kind assistance and I publicly promise to give good Instagram while away: @annadean  

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