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Getting Brass Whanganui to China!

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We are Brass Whanganui and proud of it!

We have been invited to attend the 2019 Shanghai Tourism Festival being held in Shanghai from the 13th to the 18th of September 2019. In addition to this, we have also been invited to participate in a Tang Dynasty style ceremony in Xi'an, home of the Terracotta Warriors, as part of the Year of China New Zealand Tourism. This ceremony will welcome over 1000 New Zealanders in to Xi'an for a once in a lifetime experience.

Our current estimates put the total cost of this trip at around $85,000. We would love to exceed our goal and fund at least $10,000, and more! Our Boosted campaign is part of a whole lot of fundraising hard work being put in by a dedicated group of volunteers so that this trip can be successful, and achievable for all of our membership

Brass Whanganui was founded in 2001 with the amalgamation of two of New Zealand's most prestigious brass bands, The Wanganui Garrison Band and Wanganui City Brass. The combined history of the two bands make us one of the most successful, and well-known brass bands in New Zealand.

We are very excited and honoured to have been offered these invitations, and are looking forward to the exposure that our presence in China will give to Whanganui, and New Zealand. In order for this to be a possibility for the band, we will need support from our community and around our nation 

We ask that you please consider how you may be able to support Brass Whanganui on this exciting adventure!


  • 4 days to go!!


    So we're at 4 days to go with 59% of target, but some good momentum, so very exciting!

    We are very thankful to everyone who has donated so far

    In China trip news, we look to have a team of around 42 jetting away and a jam packed schedule, so its all starting to come together quite well

    Our organising committee is busy with a myriad of grant and funding applications as well as other fundraising opportunities, including a very nearly sold out movie premier of Rocketman at Wanganui's Embassy 3

    We've been getting some great media coverage including a fantastic video from the New Zealand Herald Local Focus team. Check it out!


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  • Nearly 20%!!!


    Just a quick update as we're nearing the 20% mark of our funding target. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to us so far. We really appreciate your support. If you have any people or organisations in your networks that may be interested in donating or supporting us, please forward them this page, or put us in contact with them via our Facebook page.

    Planning for the trip is coming together well, and we've got the first draft of our expected schedule, which is looking busy, but very exciting!

    Between now and China, we also have our National Brass Band Contest where we will be attending as defending B Grade Champions, so the band is working hard!

    Thanks again for your support