Railway Street Studio Ltd

Getting a Boost from a Business Mentor

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Railway Street Studios: We are emerging contemporary fine artists in an open studio gallery pursing originality and excellence in our art.

We have been established for one year and the feed back from artists, art tutors & collectors has been overwhelmingly positive.

I would like to ensure Railway Street Studios continues to be successful. I see we have the potential to do great things. Emerging artists have few places to show and sell their work. I have also started to provide a social & professional network for individual emerging artists, extending beyond those with work spaces at Railway St.

With the assistance of a business mentor I will focus on long term goals & vision, have a strategic plan and working business model to concentrate on for the next five years.

The business mentor is Laura Humphrey of Wellington.

This initial project will be to raise $500 to go towards the first month's mentoring fees. Once the strategic plan is completed, I see an opportunity to share this, and roll out a more robust Boosted project to support the balance of the annual mentoring programme.

Thank you.