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Get Tarn to Iceland!


I've been lucky enough to be accepted into an Art Residency at NES studios in the North-West of Iceland in a town called Skagaströnd in March 2017.


What? Cool! So what's NES Residency?


NES Residency is an international multi-disciplinary art residency that is housed in a studio which used to be the main fish processing plant of Skagaströnd. This is the 9th year since its inception and is one of the largest Residencies in Iceland, hosting 90-120 artists from all backgrounds per year.


What will I create?

Drawings. And lots of them, hopefully!

My drawings are evolving constantly, based around different ideas and themes. In the Residency I hope to produce works influenced directly by the foreign surrounding environment. One of my main goals is to engage the viewer through random associations between perspective and objects.

I am also interested in drawing from the subconscious, trying to free myself from artistic convention & everyday thinking. Can one be purely free when drawing, or is the line or dot you make already pre-disposed?


How can you help?

I have come to Boosted because I simply can't afford the flights & living expenses while I'm there. Your help will literally fund my Residency! I'll be forever grateful.

For more info on my drawings, https://instagram/tarniwha11