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The Wheel, The Vessel and The Landing

This is a project intending to explore renewable languages, centered around body and place.

In this project I want explore the physical landscape of Iceland at a residency called Nes based in Skagastrond, looking into the geographical language and the way Icelandic communities have engaged in a sustainable lifestyle through geothermal energy.

This project is a wide series of films involving performance intended to explore the universal language of sign and dance, both of which engage in a dialogue with our worldly climate change. If aspects of healing the body are held within movement, how can this conversation start with healing the earth?

Working with the small community of Skagastrond and wider Icelandic communities. I would like to work with local musicians and dancers, and I hope to find the few people that speak sign. I'm interested in exploring their processes for grief, opinions on global warming and what they believe renewable language is to them.

I need $6000 to make this dream project come to life. I have managed to save up the first little chunk and am asking for your help to get me to Iceland to start the life of this film and that I can bring back to NZ for you all to feast your eyes on.

Im asking for $4500 this will cover residency fees, flights, food and material costs while there!

With your contributions you would be birthing life into a vision of mine!

Auckland based performance artist and film-maker, Robyn Jordaan, works with dance and film to offer up a visceral array of concept exploration, including body somatics and absurdist theatre. Jordaan is driven by contemporary literature; creating comedic-horror type unstructured narratives, contrasting starkly with our current regime - a technocratic society where human nature seamlessly follows a prescribed outline. Looking at themes around climate, grief, universal language, Jordaan's performances are temporal but experientially permanent.