Leila Dunlop

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I have an exciting opportunity to be part of the Cashmere High School USA Music Tour in September.

I play the violin and have done since I was five years old. As soon as I started playing I fell in love with this incredible instrument. Now I am fourteen and I still love what I do.

Some of my achievements include winning the 'Best All Rounder' at the Year 9 Cashmere High School prize giving 2017. I won this because I also excel in the classroom academically and on the sports field where I am the year 9 New Zealand road race champion. I am also a member of the 2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Symphony Orchestra.

Going on this trip to Boston and New York would mean the world to me. We will be performing at primary schools and collaborating with other secondary schools to make music. We will also attend concerts and shows. 

As well as being a once in a lifetime opportunity, it will expand my knowledge of music and the performing arts. 

Thanks for reading about my project and considering my request. I would like to thank Christchurch Cantabile Choir and the Christchurch South Lions Club for the support they have already given me for this trip.