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Wait! What's going on?

I've been accepted, along with 16 others from NZ and Australia, to take part in a two day musical theatre workshop and showcase in Melbourne. Only problem is, it's in MELBOURNE in THREE WEEKS TIME (May 13-16)

Yikes, that seems like short notice, so why do you want to go so bad?

I have had a life long passion for singing and musical theatre, and despite only appearing onstage for the first time at age 19, I have made the most of every training option that comes my way to try and catch up with those who have had far more opportunities than I, from a much younger age.

I believe it's never too late to start, and I certainly believe you can always improve!

Ok, so how will you use this experience in little ol' Nelson?

As you know, I am a passionate music and vocal tutor. I am a firm believer that all teachers need to constantly upskill in order to stay at the top of their game. I also am very passionate about making sure that I am providing my students leading edge education at all times. Send me to learn from an up and coming broadway performer and composer? I'll bring that knowledge right back here and disperse it to the city.

I also want to bring international quality production back to this city, and I really believe that we have this quality of talent sitting dormant here, I want to help bring it out of it's shell. 

About the Workshop:

Helpman-nominated composer/lyricist Matthew Lee Robinson returns from New York City for a short time only to lead this two-day musical theatre workshop with a unique performance outcome.

Each participant will personally be assigned a song from Robinson's catalogue of award-winning musicals including brand new material recently developed in New York City directed by Tony-winning Newsies creative Christopher Gattelli. Participants will receive a private coaching session, participate in a two-day group workshop and feature in an excusive showcase concert. All six previous New Voices workshops have sold out.

What I need to pay for:

Flights: $750 NZD

Fees: $320 AUD

Insurance: $50

Accomodation: $800

What this will mean for me?

This will mean the world to me. I've spent too long feeling like I am on the back foot through circumstances out of my control. It's time for me to take back that control and follow my heart. I want to sing, and I want to show others that it's never too late, and you never know too much.




  • The full cast is announced!


    The full list of particpants has just been announced - looks like an amazing bunch! Just $900 left to make ths completely possible for me to attend. At the moment I will be attending but my wee family will be paying off a large chunk of it for the rest of the year. With your help, we can avoid putting ourself into financial hardship, and just enjoy the experience and everything it brings. 



    The full cast is announced!
  • Initiating Phase 2 - DOUBLE THE TARGET!


    Hi Everyone!

    This is an amazing opportunity for me, not just as a singer, but as a teacher and performer also. Topics covered in this workshop will include vocal technique and performance technique along with public performance experience.

    What I really want to do is become world class (both as a performer, and as a teacher). I need the training, and the opportunity in order to make this a reality.

    The cost of attending this workshop are not cheap - here's a break down!
    Flights: $750
    Fees: $320 AUD (roughly $400 nzd)
    Accomodation: $560
    food/transport: $250
    Insurance: $50
    Total - $2010 (minimum)

    (not to mention that later this year I intend to sit Trinity LTCL exams - which cost upwards of $1000 a well)

    You will probably already be aware that I've been running a boosted campaign for the past week, and have successfully reached my minimum target of $1000 (HOORAY!!), however, this is NOT QUITE ENOUGH!

    I'm now initiating campaign phase 2 - DOUBLE THE TARGET!

    There are still four days left until the campaign ends on Friday, and I'm aiming for $2000 to make this experience as easy on my family as possible.

    Please consider being a part of this campaign, even a small amount will make a huge difference: 

    Boosted does NOT store your credit card details, and you can even claim 33% of it back as a charitable donation (win all round)! If you aren't able to contribute, then please share this with your friends and family and tell them why they should consider being part of this project, it would mean the world to me (and my family)!


    Much love,
    Saul, Jess and Aria

    Initiating Phase 2 - DOUBLE THE TARGET!
  • Oh my gosh!!


    We did it!! And still with nearly a week to go! Seriously, you guys are amazing!!

    If you did want to be involved, then fear not!  This campaign will still accept donations until it closes in Friday the 5th may. Rest assured, any and all funds raised over this target will be used for the melbourne workshop and (if there is any left over) to help me complete some musical theater exams in December.  

    So thank you to everyone who has enabled me to reach my target so far, but there is still time to contribute if you havent done so yet!

    Much love and awe 



  • Soooo close!



    Maccas is bad for you

    Get involved wirh this  call opportunity

    Go to a free concert (or get one sent to you via you tube. ..)



  • If I raise more than my target......


    If the incredible should occur - and I end up raising more than my target, then FEAR NOT! I will NOT spend the money on renovating my kitchen, despite how much it may need a makeover.

    NO! Instead, I will be using any extra money to help me pay to sit my LTCL exams with Trinity college later this year. That is a whole extra cost of around $1300. Yikes. Seriously, it is amazing how expensive these things are.

    So please rest assured, that anything and everything you guys are donating is absolutely 100% amazing, and I can't wait to put everything I learn, back into my community.