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Kia ora !!! Fresh and Fruity is an art collective based in Aotearoa/online. Founded in Ōtepoti as a physical space in 2014 it now exists online and is run by two panias of the digital reef Hana and Mya.

Our work has been shown and published all over Aotearoa, as well as in Australia, the United States, UK and Germany. We're #global. We have an art, writing practice and a curatorial practice. #moguls Our work is inherently collaborative. We have participated in and facilitated over 40 projects since our birth. We're all about creating connections and healthy arts ecologies #livelaughlove

Why do we need a website? We <3 the internet. We always aim to be sexy, cute and accessible so of course we need to be online. Logistically, we really need a space to archive our work, both for the artists we have worked with and as a way of recording all this activity. We want to make an interactive digital artwork that is both an archive, an extension of our art and writing practice and a site to host digital exhibitions. Let's be real, running a physical space is hard, expensive and has an array of accessibility issues. We need an upgrade.

We have talked about building a website for the past three years, and we always flake out because we a) don't know how to code and b) fund everything ourselves….websites are expensive. Late last year we met Sean. We're really into the programming & design work they've been doing as JPEG2000. We approached them about building our website and they had already bought a domain name for us, it was fate lol.

JPEG2000 facilitate digital artworks, objects, websites and online spaces. Alongside their own digital archive, they currently run and manage MEANWHILE gallery's online space, exhibitions and archive.

Basically now we just need the $$$. We have begun teaching ourselves some code skills to alleviate maintenance costs, and once our site is up we will be hardout hackers. Our goal is to raise at least $3000, to pay for the initial programming and design costs and to sustain ongoing domain leasing for at least three years. Of course, the more $$ we're able to raise, the more energy, love, resources and time we'll be able to give to our website.

Make internet history and help us level up from irl to url.

Aroha nui xoxo