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I am a curator and writer who also works as mentor for other artists, writers and emerging curators. I am deeply commited to the ongoing transformation of our local art context into one that is strong and vital, and in which our emerging, experimental and excellent new artists are supported and developed.

I have recently been offered a place on the prestigious Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art in Berlin, where i will have the opportunity to learn from leading international artists, writers, curators and thinkers in a small, focused workshop-based environment. This is an unparalleled learning opportunity for me, and one with immeasurable potential to empower the work that I do here in Aotearoa.

In a gesture of faith, the institute have offered me a partial scholarship for the course fees require to attend. However, as the remainder are in USD, and as travel and accommodation costs during the European summer are high -especially with the short notice period following acceptance - I need to pull together at least $8000 NZD in order to attend. I don't wish to exhaust the generosity of others, and so through this Boosted campaign am seeking help with half of the costs which is $4000 NZD.

The opportunity for professional development with such a high level of international engagement is rare in Aotearoa, and as a solo parent, my ability to participate in such platforms have been extremely few (to say the least). This opportunity comes at an important and timely moment for me, as I research and develop new exhibition and publishing platforms for local artists, curator and writers, and I look forward to bringing this incredible learning home with me.

Thank you so much for your support.