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I just love the theatre, being on stage, walking out under the lights, letting go, free fall, having no control, not knowing how it's all going to turn out and trusting all your hard work is going to catch you. Honestly, that is the beauty of acting for me.

Last year I applied to three of the top drama schools in the UK. Then, on the 11th July 2018, I gained a place for Mountview Academy Masters in Acting in London. The audition process for drama school in the UK is really hard, so to get in on a self-tape audition is a pretty big deal!

At Mountview I will be upskilling my craft through voice and movement, which are two very important tools an actress/actor must have, and gain more knowledge of classical and contemporary plays. I will be writing my own work, have lessons with professional actors who will be my mentors, working on my master's paper of my choosing, through which I can explore my intellect as an actress and push myself further as someone with dyslexia.

And, I will of course meet fellow actors, directors, writers and production team members with whom I can create and perform. I'll have opportunities in a bigger industry. If I hold tight to my dream, I know I will be performing at The National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and Broadway in New York one day. With hard work, determination, passion and that kiwi can-do attitude, I know I can make it happen.

Where do you come in?

I created this campaign to ask you for your support. I am asking you to donate towards my dream. All is required for me to finish paying off my last term and I am almost there, so I am fundraising $1,000 as a realistic goal and I have 30 days to achieve this. So far I have paid for the first two terms myself - I decided to invest my life savings into my dream because I believe I can achieve it! I also work at the Classic Comedy Club, saving every cent! I will keep everyone updated on my journey through Instagram, with photos, live updates and all the exciting adventures I will take.

About Me

I co-founded The Acting Collective in 2016 and have run the company for three seasons. I produced our fourth production Lockdown for the 2018 Auckland Fringe Festival which gave us glowing reviews. I acted in all four seasons, including my most challenging and favourite role, Elizabeth Bennet in 'Pride & Prejudice'. I gained a Diploma in Performing Arts in 2003. I trained in Vancouver BC with one of the top Acting Studios, Austin-Tuck.

I have been a member of the Actors Equity New Zealand for the past five years and am proud to support my industry. I also volunteer my time with helping Dear Em, an organisation for young Kiwi women to share their stores, feel empowered and not feel alone. In 2016 I wrote my own story to show teenage girls it's ok to be imperfect. In 2018, I, Dear Em and a friend created a web-series with Female Comedians to share their stories about what it was like to be young and at school. This has been a lovely achievement and one I will take with me on my journey.

While supporting myself, I have been working over five years at The Classic Comedy Club working as a Duty Manager. I gained my LCQ's and Manager License and I even went to Edinburgh festival in 2016 and worked for Gilded Balloon Counting House Venus as Front of House Supervisor to see how Edinburgh festival works. While I was there I was also scouting stand-up comedians with my boss Scott Blanks for the 2017-18 NZ Comedy Festival.

I have now worked on six of these festivals and every one has lifted my game. I have also worked at Q theatre for nearly four years as part of their front of house team. I felt it was important for me to work in the industry so I was around artists all the time. I have grown so much because of this work and the experience has broadened my horizons.

My biggest achievement is falling in love with my dyslexia, discovering that I have a high Emotional Quotient and that in fact, dyslexia is a gift - a gift that helps me as an actress with empathy, and without a deep sense of empathy how can we create art. Every single step of the many I've taken is helping me towards my dream. They are how I've arrived at this next big step I am about to take in September and why I will take it with style.

You can watch my classical audition here, and my contemporary audition here.



    Whoop, whoop I'm over 300% and I am so close to my stretch goal!
    I must thank the following people who have helped me get this far:
    David Macrae, Hilary Coe, Catherine Dean, Rob Brown & 7 days, Brent Mcleod, Alexis Sadgrove, Darren Jardine, Harry Thompson-Cook, Julia Rutherford,  Anonymous, Garry Thomas, Jodine Hardwicke, Jenny O'Brien, Masa Nishizawa, The Acting Collective, Ainsley Perry and Chloe Perry.
    Now meet Stella, she has a message for you:


    I'm so close, I only have 155% to go to reach 400% goal (aka $4,000) 
    I wouldn't have gotten this result without these wonderful people who have donated already. 
    Anonymous (I know who you both are) Scott Blanks, Linda Bridges, Hayley & Paul Douglas, Nick Morrison, Oro NZ, Ed Caruthers, Graham Atkinson, Jason Fell, Alan McElroy, Ben Hurley, Swift Rental, Aaron Beard and Finn Nicolas. 


    Exciting News!!! I have reached my first goal, now I am aiming to reach my stretch goal of $4,000.

    So as you may or may not know tuition fees are very expensive. I need to raise $4,000 to match my $7,000 to pay for term three of my tuition fees which is $11,000 NZ dollars. This needs to be paid by 9th of January for me to continue my studies in 2019. So all donations help me finish the second step of my dream.

    Thank you to Edward Wild, Isidora Bouziouri, Anne-Sophie Musset, Mike McMinn, Urzila Carlson, Zebedee, Stowers, Anonymous (I know who you are), Richard Carrington, Ian Irland and Chelsea King, for your donations, they were able to get me to my first thousand. A big thank you also to Ben Teh and Michelle Histen who have donated and contributed towards my stretch goal.