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Germinate - Botany for Artists

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The Ayatana Artists' Research Program is a Canadian, artist run residency that offers unique opportunities for artists around the world to indulge in research on biology and wildlife.

It will take place over a week from the 10th to the 16th of June, 2019.

As one of six artists selected from around the world for Germinate 2019, I consider this a huge privilege.

As an artist, nature has always been my inspiration and this residency will allow me to dig deeper into how plants work, giving light to different perspectives and plenty of inspiration!

While there, I will interact with international artists, Canadian botanists, ethnobotanists, foragers, arborists, farmers and natural history curators.

The intensive program will offer many opportunities; field trips to the Gatineau National Park, the National Herbarium of Canada, several laboratories and research greenhouses, as well as workshops on using plant matter for experimental plant photography. Plant photography is my love, so I'm definitely excited about this!

I will give an artist's talk introducing my work to a group of international curators, art theorists, art historians and professional artists. I will also be invited to contribute work to the Ayatana Artist's Research Anthology, an annual publication of Ayatana resident's art and writing to participate in a group exhibition in 2020.

The funds will be used for:
-the fee to attend which includes food, land transport and accommodation while I'm there and access to all the amazing people and experiences above!

This is an all or nothing campaign, so if I reach my target, the project will be funded, but if I don't, it won't.

For more info about the residency visit:

You can also see my nature art on Instagram

I'm blessed to have this opportunity and am grateful for all support received.

Ngā mihi aroha,

Jo :)



  • Thank-you!

    1 WEEK AGO

    Thank-you to all the amazing people who have donated to my project so far! Thank-you for believing in me and this journey. I'm so excited to be doing something that I love, something I know will contribute hugely to my love of plants and creativity! And the ultimate goal of looking after our earth. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa! Arohanui, Jo x