The Floral Clocks

Gas Giant

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Gas Giant is the creative culmination of a process that has been going on for over five years and which has produced two previous albums, Desert Fire (2014) and A Beautiful Shade of Blue (2017).

The songs were written and recorded over 2018 and feature the Floral Clocks' distinctive blend of the poetic and the atmospheric. The album will be presented in the same cd-booklet format as the previous two Floral Clocks albums, forming a set of three.

The album is ready for mixing and mastering and we're excited that Marc Chesterman in Wellington has come onboard to do this. The booklet will be created by artist and designer Marcus Hofko in Germany.

We're proud of this album. It's full of surprises and listeners are going to enjoy discovering its many gems. We are looking forward to producing it and sending it out into the world. For this, we need your support!

 "Von Sturmer is a perfectionist with his words, a jeweller in syllables, consonants and vowels. White's music is beautifully layered, allowing space for the little dissonances he so obviously likes." - William Dart