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Cello Concerto Album

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In 2019* the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and superb French cellist S├ębastien Hurtaud will record my Cello Concerto 'Chemin des Dames' - one of the most important works I have created to date.

I'd love you to join me in making this recording into an official album.

I'm a New Zealand composer based in Wellington, and I've been working professionally for 25 years. I've just returned from France for the European premiere of my concerto, which was performed superbly by the Lorraine National Orchestra with S├ębastien as soloist - a very moving experience.

The work is about my three great-great-uncles who all died within a year of each other in WWI (I visited one of their graves while in France), and has been an exciting, moving, sad, and elating experience - a real emotional roller coaster.

The title 'Chemin Des Dames' refers to one of the bloodiest battles in France during WWI and is only a few miles from where the French premiere took place (behind me in the banner image above).

I don't want this concerto to be just for the people who were there at the concert - I want everyone to be able to experience it whenever they like.

This recording is a significant milestone in my career, and has the potential to increase my international exposure - and while I have had many performances overseas, I'm still pretty unknown outside New Zealand - let's change that!

I look forward to keeping you up to date with the behind-the-scenes of the album making process: recording, album pressing, album launch and yet-to-be-announced performances.

Please be a part of this exciting project by donating - as little or as much as you like. Together we can do this.

Thank you so much!

* The recording date has changed from 2018 to April 2019.


  • Video from the French performance


    Here's a link to some excerpts from the French performance of the piece -

    ...recorded as part of the mini documentary series 'Great War Stories' by director Anna Cottrell and DOP Ivars Berzins.

  • Last week - let's get there!!


    Hi everyone!

    We are nearly there! Just another $3,000 and we've got it - and I've been totally blown away by the generosity of people so far.

    I'm very excited that the NZ Symphony Orchestra have been able to absolutely confirm the recording date of April 2019 - a little later than we initially imagined, but there's PLENTY to get on with in the meantime - refinements to the score, developing the album artwork, and a million other things… the process of producing an album is exciting, but busy!

    I've just seen the final cut of the mini documentary of my time in France this year (director Anna Cottrell calls it a 'haiku documentary’!), and it's fantastic. In 4 minutes it brings together the whole back-story of my cello concerto - my mother and I talking about her grandmother and my great-great-uncle, the inspiration for the piece, my visit to his grave on the Belgian border - and of course the performance of my concerto in France. It will be broadcast in 2018 during the 6pm TV3 news programme ‘Newshub' - about as prime time as I could ever hope!

    So many exciting things happening - lots more work to do, but we will get there with your assistance.

    Thank you again so much for your support.