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Catherine, a subversive nun, and Jude, a driven B.A student, hunger for salvation in worlds apart, but as they push their bodies to breaking point, their worlds begin to collapse on one another.

Intensely physical, vast in scale, but minimal in style, GOD-BELLY explores the ways that our beliefs shape our relationships with our bodies - and vice versa. What do we want from our bodies? How do our worldviews shape them, limit them, enhance them, glorify them? GOD-BELLY combines the austerities of Medieval Catholicism and Martial Arts with the fierce playfulness of contemporary hip-hop. Nuns will rap and wrestle, sacred music will have swagger, an argument will break out over a Wendy's Chicken Burger Combo.

After GOD-BELLY's  first successful season which was put on for a koha at a community space during the Fringe Festival, the creators are trying to take the show to an established, general-public friendly environment that is well known for hosting quality innovative New Zealand works. There are two seasons planned, one in Auckland's Vault, and one at Bats in Wellington. Donations are needed to cover upfront venue costs, travel expenses, equipment, and marketing.

GOD-BELLY is the product of the confused religiosities of Andrew Gunn and Rosie Tapsell.


AUCKLAND's The Vault season : 9th - 13th September

WELLINGTON's Bats season 30th Septembeer - 4th October






    Not long to go now !



    Check out this amazing trailer shot by Pete Gedye !



    We're over the halfway mark with 8 days to go !

    Things you might consider donating for;


    $10 to help print out flyers to spread around cafes and shops

    $20 to cover our lunch in Waiuru on our drive down to Wellington

    $10 for crumpets - you'll find out why

    $50 for judo mats to ensure no injury during the extremely physical depiction of two ideas colliding

    So maybe don't eat out one day this week, leave out a bottle of wine from the shopping, check under the couch cuishons for any spare money - we can turn your leftover cash into a piece of theatre.

    Also - check out this photo from this year's Fringe Festival performance of GOD-BELLY in Wellington !


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