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In a move described by his producer as "poorly thought out", New Zealand's favourite satirist, White Man Behind A Desk, has decided to mock all the people who could give him a job.

The WMBAD team is creating a new video to mock the funding models of New Zealand's private media companies, as well as the strange Staliny way in which our government funds content project by project.

In unrelated news, we're in need of some funding. If you want to join this project and help us take on the people that control all the money, then we'd be extremely grateful. It costs us two grand to research, write, perform, record, edit, and release a video.

And if we don't hit our target, we'll politely shut up and follow the more conventional method of surviving a job in the media - writing hot takes about reality TV or bicycle lanes, but we hope it doesn't come to that.



Robbie Nicol is the co-creator of numerous webseries, including The Candle Wasters' Bright Summer Night, Happy Playland, and Tragicomic, as well as his own White Man Behind A Desk, for which he won Best Web Show at the 2015 NZ Web Fest. Nicol won Best Newcomer - Wellington at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2017, and was honoured to become SPADA's New Filmmaker of the Year with the rest of The Candle Wasters that same year.

Finnius Teppett has been the head writer of White Man Behind A Desk with Robbie Nicol since 2016, co-writing every monologue and live show. He graduated from the IIML in 2016 with an MA in Creative Writing (Scriptwriting), receiving the Michael Hirschfeld scholarship. His play My Dad's Boy was awarded 'Highly Commended' for the 2016 Adam NZ Play Award. He recently directed his first short film, Democracy, with support from NZFC's 'Fresh Shorts' funding.

Eleanor Strathern is a Wellington-based producer and publicist behind the one-woman production powerhouse A Mulled Whine. One of NZ's most in-demand independent producers, she has been the organisational and accounting rock behind several massive national tours, a regular festival cabaret show, a year-round international touring schedule for comedian and storyteller Jon Bennett, and dozens of theatre productions all across Aotearoa. 2018 earned Eleanor awards including Most Promising Emerging Artist (NZ Fringe) and The George Webby Most Promising Newcomer Award (Wellington Theatre Awards).



To know if you actually want to join the WMBAD team, you might want to look at things we've done in the past and decide if you think it's good or terrible.

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Nice quotes:

"Each video is a metaphor-heavy crash-course on a social or political issue that you might know something about but you probably don't have all the facts on. They're well-researched and well-attributed, but more importantly they're well-structured" - The Pantograph Punch
"satire genius" - Jacinda Ardern
"less shouty than John Oliver and even cuter than Rove McManus. It's an impossibly winning combination." - Theatreview
"satirical media sensation" - New Zealand Herald
"researched, polished, paced-up, empathetic and on point." - Theatreview
"top-drawer brilliance … superbly subversive" - Theatreview