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Fun Run

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Silly Sausage, Fat Batman, Rubix Cube and Bumble Bee are running for their lives and slowly being murdered ... all in the name of charity. Turns out all we need to pull this production off is your support.

At the moment, we are currently self funding this co-operative project. It's not a big budget event, but we are comitted to keeping arts acessible with reasonable ticket prices and supporting our creative team to a level that reflects their amazing talent. Your support will help us meet our costs and continue to sustainably produce quality theatre in New Zealand. 


Fun Run is an absurdist comedy about why we run, where we are running to and what are we running for. Physically running several kilometres on the spot throughout the duration of the show, we're bringing the race to you - a race where everything is at stake. Off-the wall and hilarious, Fun Run is 50 minutes of sweaty, pavement pounding hilarity.


Fun Run is the brain child of Auckland based writer, comedian and actor, Hamish Parkinson. After initially developing this script during his time in the Masters of Creative Writing programme at Vicotria University, Hamish dusted it off and re-worked it for a season at The Basement Theatre.

With a number of notable scripts under his belt (including co-writing Fringe Award winning Velcro City and Square Eye-Pair) and exploring this genre in his 2015 Billy T Award winning show Fly or Die,  FUN RUN is an opportunity to bring Hamish's experience to stage in a bigger capacity. 

Along for the ride on this absurd adventure is a stellar creative team comprising directors Holly-Chappell and Tom Eason of Two Productions and producer, Delia Cormack. And check this sexy cast:

Laura Daniel (Jono and Ben, Snort)

Brynley Stent (Snort)

Ryan Richards (A Boy Wonder, An Unseasonable Fall of Snow)

Alice Canton (Orangutan)


With your support, we'll be able to make Fun Run a success. You'll be directly helping us support our artists and allowing them to continue creating new work sustainably. AND you'll help keep ticket prices down and arts accessible. AND you'll probably feel really good afterwards.

We love what we do and we are grateful for your support. Many thanks in advance!


Fun Run plays

15 - 19 September @ 6.30pm

Basement Theatre. Auckland

Tickets $18 / $20

Book Now - | 09 361 1000

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