Nelson Civic Choir

‘From New Zealand to New York - Singing at Carnegie Hall’

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The Nelson Civic Choir has been invited to New York and you can get us there.

The Nelson Civic Choir has been invitedby the Distinguished Concerts International, New York (DCINY), to sing a new work by Sir Karl Jenkins at a combined choirs concert next January (2017).

Our invitation was on the basis of a recording sent to New York of our recent performance of Jenkins' 'The Armed Man' in Nelson. Sir Karl approved our recording and as a result we received this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The new work will be in commemoration of the Aberfan mine disaster, 50 years ago. We will link it to the Pike River Mine disaster of more recent memory.

The cost of members of the choir travelling to New York and taking part in rehearsals and the final concert will be roughly $5,000 per member. For most, this is prohibitive, so we will be looking at many sources of funding to make the visit possible. We will be aiming to raise $10,000 through Boosted which will support many members in their efforts to raise funds. We are also submitting an application to Creative New Zealand for $7,500.

We feel this is a huge compliment to New Zealand provincial choral singing if a small town choir can be chosen to represent the country at a most prestigious event in New York.  We are the only choir from New Zealand to be invited to sing at this event and this will be the first time that the Nelson Civic Choir has ever performed overseas. We hope that local people will feel the benefit and will support their choir. We look forward to thanking all of our supporters in person at a screening of a DVD of the concert to be presented to the choir by DCINY.


  • We made it!!!


    Thanks to a final donation from M&M last night we made it over the line and are 100% funded!


    Thank you so much to all of our 49 generous donors.  The money raised is going to be a great help to get our choir across to New York.


    Please check out our Facebook page for further updates on the trip and if you attend one of our concerts later this year come and let us know you donated so we can thank you in person.


    Kind regards and sincere thanks,


    The Nelson Civic Choir

    We made it!!!
  • 5 Days to go


    The final count down and we are SO close.  We are at 80% funded, just $2000 short of our overall goal.

    If you have friends, family, people that you know who were thinking of dating please encourage them to do so, with just one final push we can get there!




    Then Nelson Civic Choir

    5 Days to go
  • 2 Weeks to Go!!!


     As we head into the penultimate week we sit at 69% of the way to our goal, so very close! We are hoping that the final rush of activity over the next 13 days will help to push us over the edge.

    Thank you to all our donors so far, if you know of anyone who was thinking of donating please let them know how close we are and how much their donation would help!

    2 Weeks to Go!!!
  • Week Four Update- Getting Close


    We are on the home stretch now with a little under three weeks to go and 64% of the way there with only $3400 needed to reach our target we feel so close, but we still need more donors. Please help us get this campaign over the line and a HUGE thank you to the many generous donors so far. The support we receive is going to make this once in a life time trip happen for some of our choir and we are truly grateful.

    Week Four Update- Getting Close
  • Boosted Campaign in the Local Media


    Many thanks to Sara Meij and "the Leader" a popular local newspaper in the Nelson/Tasman region.

    Hopefully this gets the word out to a wider audience for our final "boost".

    Thank you once again to all the generous donations so far.

    Boosted Campaign in the Local Media
  • Thank You Shaun Duncan!


    Thank you to Shaun Duncan and JML UAE. Your incredibly generous donation has taken us from 33% of the way to meeting our target to 66% of the way there!!!

    We have a real hope now of successfully completing this campaign. The funds raised are going to be very important in getting this trip up and running.

    We are truly grateful to Shaun and the other generous donors over the last few days.

    Thank You Shaun Duncan!
  • Week 3 Update: 33%!!!!


    What a difference a week can make. This time last week our fundraising target had crossed the 10% barrier, a big psychological hurdle for us. A week later we are at 33%!!! a third of the way there!
    There have been some incredibly generous people and businesses that have come on board in the last week. Orange Joinery and Pine Hill Lodge have both made contributions that we really appreciate.
    In typical kiwi spirit a lot of our donors remain anonymous. We hope the anonymous donors are following this campaign so we can truly express our thanks and gratitude to you all.
    We are hoping to increase awareness in local media this week and continue the great progress we have experienced over the last week.
    Thank you again- we're off to chase the 50% mark now!!!


    Week 3 Update: 33%!!!!
  • Sorry for the Breakdown!


    Unfortunately, Boosted was offline for some of this weekend, meaning that some donors were unable to submit their donations. However, it is up and running now and we have just hit a new high of 27%, thanks to some very generous gifts. Thank you to all our supporters!!

  • We've hit 16%!!


    Thank you so much, Roger Wilde, John Andrew and several anonymous donors who have enabled us to reach 16% of our target.

    If funds keep coming in like this we should be there well before our March 22nd deadline.

  • Week 1 Update- Psychological Hurdle Jumped!


    Wow, what a difference a week can make. With 15 donors coming on board we are now 12% of the way there, crossing that psychological barrier of the 10% mark.


    The campaign is gathering momentum and our next target is 25%.


    Please help get us there, we are so appreciative of the support so far!


    Sincere Thanks,

    The Nelson Civic Choir

    Week 1 Update- Psychological Hurdle Jumped!
  • Janet Hall


    thank you to Janet Hall and three Anonymous donors, we are now 7% of the way there!  Your support is much appreciated!

  • Thank you Kay Hayes!


    Thank you Kay Hayes for you donation :-) 

  • Performance of The Armed Man, Part 1


  • Thank you Helen Borcovsky!


    Thanks Helen for your generous donation.  We are now 3% of the way to our target thanks to you! 

  • 16/02/2016 Update: An away we go!!


    Our project starts to move up a gear this week. Thank you so much to the two anonymous donors so far! Your support is really appreciated.  With every $100 donated we move 1% closer to our goal.


    We have also recently being featured on the Stuff website! Check out the link below!



    16/02/2016 Update: An away we go!!