Sellout Cinema

“Four Walls” by Unitec’s 3rd Year Actors

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We are Sellout Cinema! A group of actors in our 3rd year of study at Unitec's Drama School. As part of our final body of work we are producing a film and we need your support.

We are currently in pre-production and are working as hard as we can to create a wonderful, fun and enjoyable film. Our film is set as an anthology.

- - - 

There is a house for sale. Groups, couples and friends come through to look. The auction is taking place in the afternoon and everyone has a limited time to decide whether or not they are willing to take the risk and purchase the house. Our film takes place in all areas of the house and is based in a single location.

The anthology will follow different groups of people and their journeys and connections through the house, conflicting relationships and annoying neighbors.

The film follows;

The Realtors. A power couple, lots of press, work professionally together but had an affair. Their marriage is broken up and one of them is about to drop a bombshell.

The living ghost, Nudnik. He used to live there and is wanting to take a trip down memory lane. As he attends the auction he gets in the way of realtors and annoys potential buyers.

A property developer and young man. The young man used to date the property developer's daughter and now here they are fighting for the same house.

A couple in a difficult situation. One person is injured and the other isn't interested in the house. They then lie about the state of the house and accessibility for the injured person.

The Runaways. Lovers on the run but why? Why do they pick this house?

The Runaways Brother. Seems cool and is on a mission. He starts becoming suspicious that the runaways he's looking for could be here.

The Troll Neighbors. A husband and wife see a lot of potential buyers next door. So they decide to prank the potential home owners performing haka and pōwhiri in the front yard, trying to hongi and doing shapes with the mau rākau.

Two couples are looking through one of the houses when one of them spots the other and diverts their partner elsewhere. Do they know each other? Perhaps they haven't told their partner about the other person.

And lastly The Landscapers. The guys who aren't prepared for the auction, they get there late and need to hurry up and clean themselves up.

- - - 

Your donation will enable us source costumes and dress the set so we can bring our story to the screen. Oh, and we also need to eat at some point, so your donation will help us with that too. 

We are super passionate story tellers and want to end our study at drama school with the best film we can produce. Your donations are important to us and we thank each and every one of you for your support.