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Forgiven is a short film which follows the story of a firefighter who blames himself for the death of his best friend. Now he has the choice to make it alright, but at what cost? Set during 9/11, this film will show humanity and forgiveness, and that sometimes the only person that really needs to forgive yourself.

Creator //  Caleb Rayner

I am a passionate filmmaker who cares more about making an impact than making money. I started out by making a short film for a small competition in my town, and I have been growing and learning ever since.

I make films because it's what I love to do, and I want to inspire people. I've seen the impact films can have; films can inspire, encourage and change people's lives.

Many people think that young people cannot be successful, but I want to prove that age doesn't stop you from succeeding, nor does race, or gender. I think the most important thing for success is motivation. 

Here is a scene from a short film I worked on a year ago with only a $500 entry-level camera and a tripod.

Why do I need your help?

Your support will help my film to reach its full potential. Your donations will be used for:

- Paying the cast and crew

- Hireage costs for higher quality gear, such as lights, mics and cameras

- Props such as a firefighters costume

- Visual effects and special effects such as high-quality fire elements and explosive squibs

- Catering

Thank you for your support!