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Food For Thought - a short film

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"Food For Thought" is a short film written and directed by Patricia (Pat) Robins, based on the short story "The Assassin Bug" by Sue McCauley. A black comedy centred around a dysfunctional family with a big secret.

Pat is supported by an extended family of filmmakers with two of her children, Robin and Paul Murphy, as producers for the project. While busily working on films most of her adult life, Pat has also found the time to produce five children, and has 13 grand children and three great-grandchildren.

An unsung heroine of the New Zealand film industry, Pat's been a constant force in the industry since the 1960's. She started out supporting her former husband, Geoff Murphy, on his films, combining roles as production manager, costumier and caterer, often while simultaneously taking care of her growing family. The original super mum!!

In the mid 1980's she began creating her own projects with short film "Instincts" and TV drama's "O'Reilly's Luck" and "Matrons of Honour". More recently she wrote and directed the short film "Dying Light" which has appeared in film festivals around the world.

Now in her 70s, Pat still regularly lends her skills to the industry as a script supervisor. Last year she worked alongside Gaylene Preston on the upcoming TV series "Hope and Wire" (to be screened on TV3 in July 2014), and in 2012 she supported directors Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland on their debut feature film "Shopping".

"Food For Thought" was highly commended by NZ Film Commission's Premiere Shorts fund, and short listed for their Fresh Shorts scheme, but in the final cut it was unsuccessful in securing any funding.

With the help of our fantastic lead actors, Nathalie Boltt and Helen Moulder, we are now coming to you - film fans, arts supporters, and anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned twisted tale, well told!

Read on for more information.......

Thanks for your interest
"Food For Thought'" team

Filming will take place in mid - late 2014, in Wellington.

What makes this story achievable on a small budget is it's a small cast and very few locations. In the coming months we'll be looking for locations, recruiting the rest of the cast and working towards some mutually agreeable filming dates.

The money we raise through Boosted will be used for the basic production costs and will cover things like:
Catering - very important to keep the troops happy.....
Consumables -petrol, lighting gels, gaffer tape, batteries etc.
Equipment - some of the equipment hire will be donated, but some money will go towards equipment suppliers.
Insurance - coverage for public liability and data insurance will be essential.
Art Department - costumes, make up, set dressing and props.
Post production - access to post production services will incur some costs, although we plan to keep these as low as possible.


Helen Moulder - Actor (Wyn)
Helen Moulder hails from Nelson, and learned her craft in the early years in the UK. In 1977 she returned to New Zealand where she has worked ever since, as a singer, actor and comedienne in theatre, television, and film.

In 2000 she won Actress of the Year in the Chapman Tripp Wellington Theatre Awards for her role as Vivian Bearing in the Circa Production of "Wit" and did the same in 2003 for Sylvia in "Meeting Karpovsky" a play she co-wrote with Sir Jon Trimmer and Sue Rider. Helen and Sue Rider also co-wrote Helen's solo show "Playing Miss Havisham" which has toured extensively around NZ and Australia.

Her most recent roles in film and television were in "Rest for the Wicked" and "What Really Happened: Votes for Women."

In March 2014, Helen appeared in her second one woman show "Gloria's Handbag", at CircaTheatre in Wellington where she played 6 characters, sang several songs and performed magic tricks. She received glowing reviews and an opening night standing ovation.

Nathalie Bolt - Actor (Merran)
Wellington-based actor, Nathalie Boltt is originally from South Africa. She was a household name in that country as a lead on the country's number one daily drama, "The Need", and has played roles in film, television and theatre from the UK to Germany, New Zealand and the US, including international blockbuster "District 9". She is also to appear in US comedy feature film "Route 30 Three" directed by John Putch, to be released this year.

In New Zealand Nathalie has appeared in a variety of productions, most notably TV Movies "Siege" and "Bloodlines". Recently she played Dave's mother on TV2's comedy drama series "Step Dave".

Robin Murphy - Producer
The eldest of Pat's five children, Robin also has a long history in the local film industry, with 30+ years experience working across art department, assistant directing and location managing. Robin's work ranges from costume work on the kiwi classic "Goodbye Pork Pie" to supervising location manager on "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy".

She has also produced six short films, including Pat's "Dying Light" and award winning short film "Run", which received a special jury prize in Cannes 2007.

Paul Murphy - Co Producer/Documentarian
Like his sister Robin, Paul has spent many years working in the film industry. As a dolly grip, his superb sense of timing was always in demand. As producer and director of his hit comedy "Second Hand Wedding", Paul's experience in turning out a low budget comedy that appeals to a broad audience makes him somewhat of an expert in this field.

As well as co producing, Paul will also be creating a behind the scenes documentary to capture the unique back story of family and friends coming together to support Pat, in her new venture.

Annie Collins - Supervising Editor
Annie has been lending her skills to the film industry since the 1970's, having worked as an editor for both documentary and drama, she has received awards for her work on feature films "Scarfies", "Out of the Blue" and "Two little Boys" and her latest feature documentary "Gardening With Soul" was a minor sensation at the New Zealand box office. In 2014 she was the recipient of the WIFT (Women in Film and Television) award for Outstanding Contribution to the New Zealand Screen Industry.

Annie also edited Pat's short film "Dying Light", and will act as supervising editor for this project.

The rest of the crew
By now you've probably realised there is a network of filmmaking family, friends and colleagues who are keen to help us bring the production together. We've been talking to these people and many have already pledged to lend their time and expertise to the production. They include:

Matt Murphy
Linus Murphy
Miles Murphy
Charley Murphy Samau
Veronique Lawrence
Melissa Lawrence
Thad Lawrence
Gilly Lawrence
Rebecca Gallagher
Seth Kelly
Vicki O'Hagan
Bindy Crayford
Bonny Crayford
Rebecca Lawrence
Ken Saville
Natalie Johnston

We'll be working hard to get "Food For Thought" into as many good film festivals as possible. If we're successful in getting to an 'A' List festival we can apply for additional post production funding from the NZ Film Commission to give it a really professional finish.

We'll be keeping in touch with our donors at every major step, especially once the film is ready to be seen. We'll invite you all to the pre release cast and crew screening and we'll keep you up to date on any festivals screenings, and future screenings on TV or other media.

Our ambition is to make a great little film that showcases the talents of an extraordinary group of people. Then we want to share it, first with all the people who helped make it happen, and then with the widest audience possible!



  • Food For Thought - now available on line


    It’s a big week for "Food For Thought"!

    It’s nearly two years since we filmed “Food For Thought” and one year since we completed it, with the assistance of the lovely people at Park Road Post. It’s screened in the NZ International Film festival, and its had a modest festival run internationally, so.... about time we shared the latest news with you....!

    We now have our very own “Food For Thought” website where you can watch the film on line to your heart’s content. There is also a mechanism for purchasing DVD’s and BluRays of the film through the website. It might make a nice gift for a parent or grandparent who don’t like watching things on line......?

    TVNZ on Demand will be screening “Food For Thought” on their online platform from the 1st August 2016 (that’s next Monday), so we're thinking that will help us reach a wider audience....

    So if you haven’t seen it already, now you can, in two different places! 

    Thanks so much for your amazing contribution to this wee film, we literally could not have done it without you!!

    Robin, Pat & Paul

    Food For Thought - now available on line
  • "Food For Thought" screening in Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival!


    Hullo supporters

    We're pleased to announce that "Food For Thought" is set to screen in the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival next month!

    It will screen as part of a programme of shorts on 25th March at 6.00pm. Here is a link to the programme - FFT is screening in Shorts Programme Four. 

    Without your support we couldn't have done this, so well done everyone involved!!

    Thanks heaps!

    Food For Thought team!!


    "Food For Thought" screening in Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival!
  • Pat Robins and Food For Thought go down well with WIFTI


    Hullo Boosted supporters

    It’s been some time since we’ve been in contact with you about “Food For Thought”, it’s about time we updated you....!

    As it happens, it’s been a big week for Pat Robins (writer/director) this week, she was named a finalist in the WIFT NZ (Women in Film and Television NZ) Awards in the Unsung Heroine category

    Also, “Food For Thought” was selected to be part of the WIFTI (Women in Film and Television INTERNATIONAL) Showcase 2016. It was selected from all the New Zealand entries and will feature in a special screening by the local WIFT chapter.

    You can see her listed here among the international filmmakers and films – they’re all amazing, so she’s in good company!!wifti2016/bsns9

    Well done Pat! And well done WIFT and WIFTI for recognising her talents!!

    There’s some more announcements coming up, so we’ll be back in touch soon......!

    Thanks again for all your support!

    Pat, Robin and Paul

  • Screening in Glasgow!


    Hullo supporters

    Food For Thought is screening in Glasgow next month at the World of Film International Festival. It's a new festival that was started alongside the Commonwealth Games last year, and was so successful they've decided to make it a yearly event! We're screening in the "laugh attack" programme.

    So if you're in Glasgow on the 2nd October, or know people who are, check this link to their website:

    We hope this is the first of many international screenings....!

    Thanks again for all your support...

    Food For Thought team


  • NZIFF - additional screenings in Hawkes Bay


    Hullo wonderful supporters!

    We wanted to let you know about some additional screenings of "Food For Thought" in the New Zealand Film Festival.

    Hawkes Bay have scheduled us in front of "Latin Lover" in their Havelock North screenings. This is especially important to us as our director Pat lives in Hawkes Bay and she'll be able to see it on the big screen with an audience, so she's very excited! She's been in Australia for a couple of months so unfortunately missed all our previous screenings in the NZIFF.

    So if any of you are in the Bay, or have friends or family in that area that would like to see it, here are the details:

    Friday 11th September, 6.00pm, Cinema Gold, Havelock North

    Sunday 13th September 6.00pm, Cinema Gold, Havelock North

    Please enjoy!

    Food For Thought team

    NZIFF - additional screenings in Hawkes Bay
  • Food For Thought - screenings get a great response


    Hullo supporters!

    The "Food for Thought" team have attended several screenings during the NZ festival and its been getting a great audience reaction! People are laughing in all the right places and a smattering of applause, here and there...

    If you're in the south island, theres still some screenings left to go in Nelson and Christchurch, as part of the NZ International Film Festival (NZIFF) so get along and have a look - the feature film it's screening with "Latin Lover" is also a real treat. 

    We're continuing to enter the film into local and international festivals, and we hope to announce some more screenings soon.

    Our cast have also been enjoying the small successes of the film as you can see from the photo!

    Without you, we couldn't have done it, so thanks a whole bunch!!


    Pat, Robin and Paul

    Food For Thought team

    Food For Thought - screenings get a great response
  • Food For Thought - screenings


    Hullo again Boosted supporters

    Just a quick reminder that you are invited to our cast and crew screening this coming Thursday 9th July at 6pm a Park Road Post (141 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington).

    Some of you have told us you're coming, which is great, but we'd like to let you know if you would like to have a drink before hand, get there at 5.30pm!

    If you'd like to come and haven't RSVP'd yet, its not too late, just let us know on 

    It's also screening at the NZ International Film festival in front of "Latin Lover" so check out your local screenings.


    Robin Paul and Pat

    Food For Thought team

  • Food For Thought - screenings


    Hullo again Boosted supporters

    Just a quick reminder that you are invited to our cast and crew screening this coming Thursday 9th July at 6pm a Park Road Post (141 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington).

    Some of you have told us you're coming, which is great, but we'd like to let you know if you would like to have a drink before hand, get there at 5.30pm!

    If you'd like to come and haven't RSVP'd yet, its not too late, just let us know on 

    It's also screening at the NZ International Film festival in front of "Latin Lover" so check out your local screenings.


    Robin Paul and Pat

    Food For Thought team

  • Food For Thought - screenings


    Hullo again Boosted supporters

    Just a quick reminder that you are invited to our cast and crew screening this coming Thursday 9th July at 6pm a Park Road Post (141 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington).

    Some of you have told us you're coming, which is great, but we'd like to let you know if you would like to have a drink before hand, get there at 5.30pm!

    If you'd like to come and haven't RSVP'd yet, its not too late, just let us know.

    It's also screening at the NZ International Film festival in front of "Latin Lover" so check out your local screenings.


    Robin Paul and Pat

    Food For Thought team

  • Food For Thought - screenings!!!


    Hullo marvellous supporters

    We can finally tell you about our upcoming screenings for "Food For Thought".

    There will be a cast and crew screening held on Thursday 9th July at 6.00pm at Park Road Post, 141 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington. As investors, you are invited to join the cast and crew for this screening, as you are very much a part of our team! Please email Robin on if you think you can make it, so we can get an idea of the numbers.

    Unfortunately Pat (writer/director) and Robin (producer) aren't able to make this screening as they'll both be overseas on that date, but not to worry, our brilliant co producer Paul Murphy will be there to represent us all. There'll probably be a few crew and cast too!

    If this doesn't work out for you, you can see it in the New Zealand International Film Festival. It's screening ahead of the feature film "Latin Lover" and the Auckland and Welington dates are listed below. We have been told it will also screen with "Latin Lover" in Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson, but these dates are not yet confirmed.

    Friday 17 July, 6.15pm Rialto Newmarket
    Wednesday 22 July, 12.00pm Rialto Newmarket
    Tuesday 28 July, 10.30am The Civic
    Sunday 2 August, 3.15pm The Civic

    Sunday 26 July, 3.15pm Penthouse Cinema
    Wednesday 29 July, 11.15am Penthouse Cinema
    Sunday 2 August, 2.45pm Light House Petone
    Tuesday 4 August, 10.15am Embassy Theatre
    Saturday 8 August, 1.45pm Embassy Theatre

    We hope you're able to see the film, and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

    Thanks once again for your incredible support!!!


    Pat, Robin and Paul

    Food For Thought team

    Food For Thought - screenings!!!
  • Food For Thought - in NZIFF


    Hullo wonderful supporters!

    It’s been a while since we last updated you, but we’re very pleased to tell you that the New Zealand International Film Festival has selected "Food For Thought" to screen before one of their feature films in both Auckland and Wellington!

    The screening dates have not been confirmed yet, nor have we been told what the movie it’s screening with is, but we’ll update you with the details as soon as we know......


    In the meantime we’re finishing off post production and working towards holding a special cast, crew and investors screening in Wellington, prior to the NZIFF. This should happen sometime in July and we’ll let you know the details closer to the time.....

    Thank you so much for your support, we literally could not have done it without you!! We look forward to sharing it with you....

    Pat, Robin and Paul


    Food For Thought - in NZIFF
  • Post production update


    Hullo lovely supporters!

    It's been a while, but our team have been spending some time sitting in dark rooms over the last couple of months piecing it all together....

    We finally have our finecut short film ready to send out to world, and are about to embark on applying for entry into film festivals around the world.

    There's still a way to go on the journey - if we get into a NZFC post production fund qualifying festival, we may be able to get the extra funding we need to put a proper finish on it!

    Keep your fingers crossed for us - and enjoy our teaser photo of the Carter family in all their glory.

    Food For Thought team xxx

    Post production update
  • Food For Thought - we made it!!!


    Hi there supporters

    We’re very excited of course, we’ve exceeded our target and raised a total of $10,625.00! Thanks to all of our fantastic 148 Donors we now have the financial backing to cover basic costs of production for the shoot and a little bit of post production.

    I think writer/director Pat Robins sums it up nicely with this message:

    “Dear Family and many, many Friends
    Thanks to the generosity of so many good people we are now in a position to make “Food For Thought”. The response to Robin and Paul’s little campaign has been amazing and I’m blown away by the result.
    The generosity is not only from our financial backers but also the amazing actors that have agreed to participate and the quality professionals that make up the key crew.
    I can’t thank you all enough so will do my damndest to make this a film that we can all enjoy because that’s what it’s all about really.
    Love to all

    Keep in touch with us on Facebook, we’ll be posting weekly from now on, with some additional posts during shooting.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Pat, Robin and Paul

  • Food For Thought - Update 5


    Hi there supporters

    Wow! We’ve reached 88%!! We have just 2 ½ days to go to reach our target.....! Thanks for all you’ve contributed.....!

    We’ve been enjoying the process of crowd funding - building an audience for our project at such an early stage is a new concept to us old school filmmakers. Its hard work we’ve discovered, but the sense of having a group of people already curious to see our little film is unexpectedly inspiring, and definitely worth the effort!

    We’ve also been enjoying the Facebook thing, finding stories to tell and getting a little buzz when you get a few more likes on the page!!! (Is this healthy?)

    So, if there’s anyone else out there you haven’t badgered to chuck $20 in, NOW is the time to do it....!

    Thanks heaps!!

    Pat, Robin and Paul

  • Food For Thought - update 4


    Hullo supporters

    We’ve got a busy week coming up, with 11 days to go we’re doing a big push to reach our target!

    On Tuesday 15th July, Pat will be interviewed by Laurie Foon on B-side stories, at 5.30pm on Wellington Access Radio 783 am. We have an article in the next issue of The Wellingtonian newspaper, coming out this Thursday. We also plan to launch the short short film made by Pat’s grandson Charley Samau “So We Can Make It” featuring interviews with Pats grandchildren, great grandchildren and grand nephews and nieces. This will be posted on Facebook .

    Location scouting is going well and we should be able to confirm our key locations in the next few days. Casting is also continuing and we hope to have the rest of the cast in place within the next couple of weeks.

    We’ve reached 61% of our target thanks to 77 generous donors! We have 382 likes on our Facebook page. We’re confident that with your continued support (like and share!) and our intention to increase our profile in the coming week we WILL get there....

    Thanks heaps!
    Food For Thought team

  • Food For Thought - update 3


    Hullo supporters

    A couple of updates for “Food For Thought”

    We’re really excited to announce that the fantastic Luanne Gordon is joining Nathalie Boltt and Helen Moulder on the cast of “Food For Thought”. She’ll play Sheila, sister of the main character Merran (Nathalie). You may remember Luanne as the star of the TV series “The Strip” back in 2002. Luanne has been in the UK for several years where she has appeared in Irish movie “Sensation” and TV shows “Shameless” and “Casualty”. She recently returned to New Zealand and you’ll see her on your screens this week, playing Ginny in the TV mini-series “Hope and Wire” which debuts this THURSDAY 3RD JULY ON TV3 AT 8.30PM.

    We’ve also pencilled in some dates for the film shoot: 12th – 16th August. It’s been at least 18 months since we started writing and seeking funding for this project, so we’re keen to get going as soon as possible. Location scouting will start this weekend in Wellington.

    Here’s a description of what we’re looking for: A typical kiwi family home that has housed Mum and Dad and the kids since the seventies. The kids have long since left home and Mum and Dad are still living there. We’re on a tight budget, so we’re hoping to find something that is furnished to suit the characters. If you know of anywhere like this in Wellington, please send us an e mail with your suggestions to

    Thanks again for your support and don’t forget to check out the Facebook page - last week we posted a very popular retrospective on the 1970’s travelling road Blerta, which we were all part of, back in the day......... if you haven’t seen it, check it out, you might enjoy!

    Food For Thought team

    Food For Thought - update 3
  • Food For Thought - Update 2


    Hullo supporters,

    Another update – exactly halfway through our campaign, and we’ve reached a tidy 41% of our goal. Thanks so much for the generous support we’ve received from our 60 donors! We’re optimistic that our audience will continue to grow, and we will reach our target......!

    We’re getting close to confirming some shoot dates and we plan to start some early pre production in the next few weeks......

    A recent highlight for us was chatting with filmmaker Gaylene Preston who managed to find the time to talk with us about working with Pat Robins. Gaylene’s busy promoting her upcoming TV series “Hope and Wire”, which Pat also worked on as script supervisor......tune in to TV3 on the 3rd July for the first episode. See the clip of Gaylene here: 

    Our Facebook page has 307 likes and growing, and we’ve got more stories and news to come so keep in touch with us there too....... 

    We’re really grateful for all the support we’ve received and we plan to see this thing through to the end!

    Thanks heaps!!
    Food For Thought team

  • Food For Thought - Update


    Hullo supporters,

    Time for an update – 10 days into our 60 day campaign, and we’ve reached 24% already, Thanks so much for your generous support!

    We hope you’re enjoying the Facebook page – with news and stories about the people behind the project. We’re having lots of fun looking at old photos of Pat’s early films – we were all a lot younger then! We’re still building the content as we go, so keep checking it out for more interesting stories to come..... 

    You probably missed Pat being interviewed by Simon Mercep on National Radio yesterday. She chose the best song ever written, “All the Way”, by Frank Sinatra. You can listen via this link: 

    We’re really grateful to have you as part of our team in bringing this together, so please ‘like’ our Facebook page and keep an eye on the news feed for more video clips and photos......and share with your friends!

    Thanks heaps!!
    Food For Thought team

    Food For Thought - Update

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