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A mermaid washes up on a rural New Zealand shoreline. Willow is taken in by isolated Griffin and Avery, his Deaf younger brother. As Willow becomes entangled in the siblings' lives and their grief, she learns what she will choose to fight for.


FOAM is about connection, and how it is possible for strangers and lost souls to connect with one another and heal what has been broken. A film of distance and quiet, stillness and intimacy, broken only by the waves of the rugged sea.

We want to explore different methods of communication and the ways in which we connect with one another. Including a non-verbal and a Deaf character in FOAM is a big aspect of this, as we will explore the varied ways all our characters communicate with one another - without speech being the first resort. We will be incorporating verbal and NZSL dialogue throughout the film. As filmmakers, Samantha and Grace are passionate about inclusivity and diversity, and will be casting a Deaf actor in the role of Avery in order to tell this story in the right way.

FOAM is a mythic tale imagined in a modern, domestic setting. As a writer and filmmaker, Grace is fascinated by the mysterious, the curious, the magical - and the humanity we find within such tales. The isolation of our characters is reflected by their surroundings, and we intend to create this quiet and contained moment of magic amidst the rugged New Zealand landscape.


Grace Hood-Edwards (Writer, Director, Editor)

Grace Hood-Edwards is a writer, director, actor, and editor with a BA (Hons) in Screen Production and English from the University of Auckland. She has produced a select number of short films and theatrical productions. She works as a freelance writer and has previous experience as an intern for Show Me Shorts and as a sub-editor for two literary magazines.

Grace is passionate about bringing fantastical stories to life through film and theatre, and is invested in diversity and minority perspectives. She is currently completing a Masters in Directing Drama and working at a media production company.

Samantha Dutton (Producer)

Samantha Dutton is a freelance producer based in Auckland. She was born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand with her family as a teenager. Her work is informed by female perspectives and human stories. She is also a member of Women in Film and Television New Zealand.

Completing her Bachelor of Arts and Honours at the University of Auckland in Screenwriting and Directing Drama, she has turned her hand to producing short films and music videos.

Nina Wells (Director of Photography)

Nina has been pursuing her career into film for over ten years now. Recently she was elected to become the Vice President of The New Zealand Cinematographer Society. She was also the recipient of the NZCS: Al Guilford Emerging Cinematographer 2019 and a Bronze Teleseries Award for Auckward Love season two. In prior years she was shortlisted for the Jane Champion Female Cinematographer Scholarship, winner of a Zonta award, and a Best Design award (for Documentary).

2018 brought opportunities to attend an Advanced Lighting Course in Australia and the renowned American Society of Cinematographers Masters Course in Hollywood, Los Angeles. 2019 has started as a cinematographer for an NZFC funded short film.

Nina is an established, growing professional in the New Zealand film industry with a hunger to embrace, connect and collaborate in creating authentic unique New Zealand films with the best of her ability and creative energy.


Your contribution, whatever the amount, will go a long way to supporting the production of this film. Currently independently self-funded, we need additional funds to meet our projected budget and achieve our vision for FOAM.

This Boosted funding is all-or-nothing. All donors will receive a credit in the film. Donations also qualify for a 33% tax rebate for New Zealand donors.

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