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Flippin' Norah!

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Scene It Theatre Group need your help! We have a script. We have a venue. We even have pretty posters. Now we just need to distribute our posters, make a cool set, find cool costumes, and light our wonderful production.

About the Play

Follow Norah through regret and out the other side.

'Flippin' Norah!' explores a life from the vantage point of death. Regrets? Norah has them but she can't change the way she has lived. What is a successful life anyway? Perhaps it's doing everything you ever wanted. Perhaps it's raising and loving your daughters. Maybe it's giving them better opportunities than you had. Or, just maybe, it is making the best of the circumstances you find yourself in. And what if life gets in the way?

'Flippin' Norah!' flips a life on its head. Norah has to navigate the changing social views, not to mention possible roles, of women since the 1940s. Watch as different actresses portray Norah in different stages throughout her journey. Discover that the real you - the essential woman within - is who you really are; she's always with you and age means nothing.

About Scene It Theatre Group

Porirua-based actor Susan Holt started the group when she wanted a way for actors to practice their craft. The group originally met to perform monologues and excerpts of scenes. Susan also invited guest actors with specialist skills in different areas to run workshops with the group.

Scene It Theatre Group took advantage of NextStage Theatre's Playfest 2016, a competition to devise a 10-minute play in 48 hours. The group got together a small troupe of women and entered the competition. Not only were these the only women in Playfest 2016 but they also won Best Acting Ensemble. And so the 'Flippin' Norah!' was born.

About the Cast

Annette Cochran - Co-Writer/Cast has performed previously in a number of Wellington Repertory Theatre productions.

Shirley Domb - Producer/Co-Writer/Cast will appear her second production in the NZ Fringe Festival at BATS Theatre.

Susan Holt - Co-Writer/Cast has recently been in 'Voices from the Front' at Downstage Theatre and is the Author of 'Catching the Last Tram'.

Lauren O'Hara - Cast has graduated from Deborah Rea's Wellington Young Actors.

Sue Reeves - Cast had an professional acting career in the UK before coming to NZ and is actively involved in Wellington Repertory Theatre.

More Information

You can see the event listing on BATS [link:] and we'd love to see you there so why don't you book your tickets now?



  • Woohoo! Fully Funded!


    We thank all of you who have helped us to fund our Fringe show! Although we have reached our target, if you have a bit of spare change, then please do donate it so we can make the show better. Every little helps us add those little flourishes.

  • Progress Report 1


    Thanks to our funders who have given so far - it is great that we have reached 10% of our funding goal! Our rehearsals are going really well and the cast are having great amounts of fun. Check out this video we shot at a recent rehearsal of the cast dancing their way to opening.

    Progress Report 1