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Supported by the New Zealand Film Commission as part of their Fresh Shorts scheme, FLIP is the second short film from writer/ director/ actor/ all round polymath Jessica Grace Smith, and produced by Tom Boniface-Webb.

About the film
FLIP is a sci-fi, action/adventure film about a mother and a daughter kept prisoner in a post-apocalyptic compound, who must destroy their oppressor if they are to survive.

What we're asking for
The film is complete. It has been shot, edited, graded and screened for the cast and crew. What we now need is help with the funding to pay for the post-production  - done by our incredible friends at Park Road Post Production - and make sure the film can be the best that it can be.

This your opportunity to help get the film out there into the world.

Covering themes of domestic violence which affect many parts of society, we think this film highlights some incredibly important issues, at just the time the world is beginning to take notice. Only by facing up to what is happening, can we aim to prevent such issues from continuing to affect us all.

Jessica Grace Smith - writer/ director/ actor

Jessica has a passion for working on female driven projects, and her first short film, 'Everybody Else Is Taken' won the Youth Jury Award at Palm Springs International ShortFest in 2017, as well as playing at many festivals around the world.

The team
Producer - Tom Boniface-Webb
Executive Producer - Sara Wiseman
DOP - Jessica Charlton
HELMET/ Stunt Coordinator - Shane Rangi
PLUG - Mia Van Oyen
Production Designer - Ben Milson
Make Up Designer - Michelle Perry
Costume Designer - Fifi Colston
Editor - Angela Boyd
Sound Editor - Damian Del Borrello
Composer - Steve Toulmin




  • We're so close!


    Thanks to all you lovely people who have dug deep and given us so many amazing contributions. We're so close now, and just a few more hours. Thanks to everyone!!