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Bodies… We've all got one, but not all of us love our own the way we should. The Oddballs presents Fleshies, a call to action to end body insecurities and body shaming!

In a new live performance piece, fifteen uniquely wonderful humans will tell an eclectic and electric mash up of stories about their relationships with their bodies.

Fleshies is a celebration of all bodies. A call to action. A casting aside of the boxes in which we have been put based purely on the way we look. A taking up of space that each body so rightly deserves. A plea for our audience to do better, to love each other better, to get over our prejudices towards certain bodies, to look at each person and identify what is unique and beautiful about them.

We need money in order to pay our cast and crew for the work they putting in to this production. We are entirely unfunded, and so this production will be completely crowd funded!

CREATED BY: Grace Augustine, Daniel Brunskill, Georgia Casey, Celine Dam, Tatiana Daniels, Lucie Everett-Brown, Jodi Fordyce, Katie Fullard, Quinn He, Katie Longbottom, Georgina Briggs, Josh Metcalfe, Amy Minarapa, Alice Kirker, Alice Pearce, Kate Rylatt, Bryony Skillington, Benny Smith, Suzy Smith-Roy, Aun Sukijjakhamin, Todd Waters and Walter-James Wilding.

18th - 29th June | Basement Theatre

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