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FLESH OF THE GODS (AKL Fringe Festival)

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A string of gods are taking on physical form.
They are arriving for a long overdue session with a shrink.
Unpacking their experience, they are trying to process how their actions and inner worlds are manifesting in the human realm.

Let's get metaphysical.

FLESH OF THE GODS is a psychedelic dive into world mythology, a poetic feast for the mind and senses, full to the brim with philosophy and grandiose entrances.


It is an attempt to forge a mythology that speaks to our current age, where the end of times can sometimes feel all to certain.


Who is responsible for this?

The project is spearheaded by Andrew Gunn (writer and director of POTATO STAMP).


It is a collaboration between theatremakers Rosie Tapsell (GOD-BELLY), Ash Jones (Thomus), Indigo Paul (DNA), Matt Gibbons (Floyd), Kalisha Wasasala (Dying For It), Rowan Brooks (Open Home) and newcomer Hadleigh Tiddy.


The project is supported by two stellar dramaturges; Nisha Madhan (Titled) and Julia Croft (If There's No Dancing at the Revolution, I'm Not Coming).


Live sound composed and performed by Tom Dennison (POTATO STAMP - known for his work on the Potato Synthesiser), with Auckland theatre scene émigré Christine Urquhart (The Wholehearted) at the helm of stage design from her new home in Toronto....


What are we asking for and why?

After the roof of Auckland Old Folks Ass. began to collapse some 5 weeks before our season opened, we began looking for a new venue.


We have the privilege to perform in Samoa House, a huge Samoan fale in Auckland central (now held by The Actor's Program).


It will make for a truly auspicious space to perform in, and it is auspicious that the space became available for our season in the way it did at such short notice; trifold auspicious how the beautiful space speaks to our heightened subject matter.


The venue is more than we have originally budgeted for, and we'd love your support to get this ambitious project off the ground and into the fale.

Kia ora,

Pressure Point Collective.


Pressure Point is an Auckland based theatre collective.

We aim to hold a space that is one part play, one part reality distortion field.

Our work is eclectic, highly physical and darkly comedic.

We aspire for maximum scale with minimum resources, and thrive in the tension between the two.



"This is tangible, living and breathing theatre…consider me a convert." - Theatrescenes

"a seductive and magnetic experience…unexpected possibility and surreal beauty." - Pantograph Punch

"It's smart, funny and delightfully inventive, and best of all it ends on a note of such unexpected, preposterous and yet soul-stirring grace, you'll walk away feeling enlarged, grateful. Rewarded." - Simon Wilson, Metro


Season details:
7 & 9 - 11 March.
Samoa House.
$16 / $20.

Bookings at:


  • Newest member of the posse - KALISHA.


    Kalisha Wasasala is our newest member of the team, joining us three weeks from opening.

    Kalisha graduated from Toi Whakaari in November last year and has only just moved back to her original stomping ground of Auckland since then.  

    Keep an eye out for Kalisha round these Auckland ways, she is an incredible performer with no doubt an amazing theatrical future ahead of her.  

    She is taking on the challenging role as god of ( you'll have to come and see ;) ). 

    Thanks to Esther Page and (anonymous) for our most recent donations.  You guys rule!  :D

    Newest member of the posse - KALISHA.
  • Fresh Bars.


    FLESH OF THE GODS will feature ORIGINAL RAP by Rosie Tapsell.

    Here's Rosie doing the rap for us in Auckland from Wellington
    while she finishes off her collaboration with Footnote Dance 

    Oh - the wonders of technology!

    Thanks to our most recent donors, Alan Merry and the infamous
    Anonymous, the most prolific donor on BOOSTED.

    Fresh Bars.
  • Inside The Fale


    Here's a snap Andrew took of SAMOA HOUSE while sketching up the floor plan for our designer, who is half way across the world in Toronto.

    What a spot, huh?

    Hats off to the Actor's Programme for letting us use the space, AND to our first two donors, Grae Burton and Everybody Cool Lives Here.  :)  Much appreciated.

    Share our post to help our campaign - if we get people donating early, even better - gotta take advantage of that crowd psychology...

    Aroha nui,

    Pressure Point.

    Inside The Fale

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