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Flamingo Feature Film

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FLAMINGO is a feature film about architects Frankie and Ben who are stuck on a rooftop for the weekend together after the door blows shut at their office party. This is an opportunity to support an intelligent, funny, life-affirming and edgy film about two characters falling for each other while trying to put their lives back on track. Written and directed by Richard Riddiford, that's me, I am hoping to raise $20,000 to fund a seven-day shoot.

FLAMINGO is very much a performance piece and I am incredibly lucky to have found Emma Leonard and Ryan O'Kane to play Frankie and Ben. Emma is best known for her role as schoolteacher Tracey in 800 Words, and Ryan is currently playing on Shortland Street. These are two actors to watch and FLAMINGO will be a great showcase for their talents.


Sometimes limitations turn out to be great opportunities and being stuck on a rooftop demands much of the story and the characters to open up the world beyond its physical restrictions. There is a very playful aspect to the characters, and part of the fun is the imaginary worlds Frankie and Ben dream up to play with, charm and provoke each other. The film begins with an office party to celebrate a commission by the Zoo, a new visitors' centre in the style of an ark. Flamingos and a crocodile are decorations at the party and soon these creatures become part of the story and the film takes on a wonderful mystical dimension.

The Team

Writer and Director Richard Riddiford has over 30 years experience in the film industry. He has directed two feature films - Arriving Tuesday and Zilch - and made over 30 documentaries. Cameraman Sean Loftin has worked on drama, commercials, and documentaries in more than 20 countries. Editor Peter Robert's work includes the award-winning Dark Horse, Hip Hop-eration, and Clever Man.

How you can help

We are running a 30-day 'Boosted' campaign to raise $20,000 to shoot the film. Please help us reach our target by making a tax-deductible contribution to our campaign. 'Boosted' is an all or nothing platform, meaning if we don't reach our target in thirty days we won't receive a single dollar. If the target isn't raised you will get your money back. Please spread the word by sharing this page with your network. We need to get the word out there.

How will we use this money?

Your donation will cover the cost of the seven-day shoot. Equipment rental, crew and cast fees, location hire and meals are all expenses we need to meet in getting this done.

Thank you so much for reading this and it would be great if you would share this with your network.



  • We're on the roof!


    Many thanks for all your contributions. We have shot eight days on the rooftop and have one more day to go. Nearly there!

    We're on the roof!
  • The Flukes perform!


    Yesterday The Flukes performed to support Flamingo. Aren’t they awesommme!! 🎬