Harold Coutts

Fissures In Flowers

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Fissures In Flowers is a collection of poems that I wrote from ages 17 to 19 that detail my struggles with mental illness, gender identity, and my experiences in relationships.

The project as a whole is very personal to me and all of the poems bring forth emotions. I have written and edited the poems into a style that I think reflects who I am as a person. There are 34 poems in this project that I have carefully selected and organised. I am self-publishing this project through Pressgang who are helping me with the layout, cover design, and printing, but I am still in control of the project. I am also hosting a competition for a local artist to design a piece of artwork that will feature on the front cover of the book. The artist will be credited for their work and receive $50NZ. I feel this will add to the personal aspect of the project and am very excited to see the results. This project is very important to me as I have been working on it for so many years and seeing this dream become a reality is incredibly exciting. I hope that this project will help boost my career and help my confidence as a writer and a poet. It has been a great learning experience to see how a book is constructed and how the text inside is edited.

Please donate generously and help me achieve my dream!