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Having made a decision as a teenager to dedicate my entire life to great music making, I've never let go of aiming to represent NZ at the top of the world. This journey has allowed me to pursue an international career as a conductor - a discipline I strongly believe has the magnitude and influence to touch people's hearts and shape our music's future.

As a young muso, I've had a series of grateful opportunities thrust upon me from friends, mentors and schools who have all at some point believed in me. A former Macleans College boy and House Captain, I studied piano and cello privately in Auckland before being awarded a full scholarship at 18 to study piano performance at the renowned Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in bustling Singapore. Through four years and much sweat (from both hard work & humidity), I discovered a newfound love in the art of conducting which the conservatory soon supported with all their might - sending me overseas to several European festivals, mastercourses and competitions. This all accumulated in me becoming the youngest First Prize winner of the 2012 Graz International Conducting Mastercourse Competition (Austria) and the becoming Assistant Conductor in my senior year to the YSTCO.

After an extensive international audition process held in London this year, I was finally offered one of only two international places at the Royal Academy of Music's prestigious postgraduate orchestral conducting programme (starting Sept '14) - the first kiwi to have ever been accepted. As amazing as this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is, living & studying in London comes at a cost of $60,000 NZD/per annum for this 3-year course.

With your belief and support, I aspire to fulfil this dream and be equipped, exposed and inspired by legends of the highest calibre. This then would set in motion my deep belief and desire to return home one day  and enrich the ever-growing kiwiana cultural fabric we are so proud of.

There's a quote by E. ROOSEVELT that says that "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". Will you believe in mine?

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    Hey everyone - I'm so incredibly humbled at the support given so far with only 62% left in the next 20+ days! To be completely honest, all my scepticism's flown out of the window now and I think that, with your ongoing support and belief, we might just make the mark.

    Thanks to the massive, over-sold and beautiful crowd that turned up to cheer ENZEMBLE on in our debut concert at the Auckland Art Gallery Sunday before last (pictured). It was an absolute privilege leading some of Auckland's finest young musos and we hope you had as much a blast that evening as we did. Doing old things differently - that's what we're all about so watch this space for potential future do's!

    ✔ COME FLY WITH ME (seriously!)
    Words can't describe the excitement (and sadness) I have now prepping for all things London. I've just booked my airfares (one way, gasps) and will be leaving NZ on September 8th going through Melbourne/Dubai and finally into the hallowed fields of Heathrow - anyone making this insane 30hr odyssey on the same day as me? For now though, it's the backbreaking bank accounts & accommodation phase of things but thank goodness great caffeine & food is never too far away to keep the mind in check. Alas, the same might not be said in a couple of month's time...

    ✔ THE NEXT MARK: 60% by August 1st!
    In a week's time, we hit the busy month of August and I'm hoping that we can push the margin up to 60% by 1/8. Any support - big, small and even chats - is always treasured. Don't forget BOOSTED pledges start as small as $5 and even London was built brick by brick. Every cent, minute and chat counts!

    Big Ben & the Skytower,