David Patterson

Finishing Esoligh 'Brightness Sparks' Album Artwork

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Kia ora humans,

My name is David Patterson aka Esoligh the Light Bringer (hehe). I work super hard on my art all the time, through heartbreak, despair and financial hardship (hahaha). I am trying to finish my latest album. There is $830 left to pay on the rest of the project cover by Central Auckland artist Jarad Bryant. I am nearly there! Ten grand has been paid down already on the whole project. Listen to the album here:


This will help me create the rest of the four panels representing, the S.M.B. (Super Maaorio Bruthas), Esorex (The Gnostic Christian Inner King), Vajra God (The Tantric Creator) and a homage piece to my OG skateboard crew B.S.P. (Birkenhead Skateboard Posse). These will be super dope pieces. I have seen the progress sketches by Jarad and they are incredible.

I have created a bunch of projects before. CD's, Vinyl and digital drops. You can see them all on my soundcloud [www.soundcloud.com/esoligh] and some of them on my bandcamp [www.esoligh.bandcamp.com]. I have made t-shirts which you can see here [https://esolighthreads.printmighty.co.nz/] and posters, collectors cards, etcetera, etcetera which you can see here [https://esoligh.bandcamp.com/merch].

I make a tonne of things all the time, many of them toturous thoughts in my mind hahaha!! However I'm trying to turn such pain into beauty as much as possible. This art comes from a serious amount of personal struggle and I am trying to create beautiful things out of a very harsh personal reality. Bless the technique. You are an amazing human being for reading these words and I am very thankful for your attention.

You can see my music videos and related productions on my YouTube channel. There are a bunch there to watch, the two most popular being 'Flyin' Down' and 'Being'. They are dope and feature animation and stop-motion animation. I will deliver something great with this money if you decide to help me with it, thank you for caring.

Mauri ora!