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'My Friend Michael Jones' is a short film drama set in Otara, featuring an eclectic ensemble of Polynesian characters dealing with issues relating to anxiety disorder, bullying and suicide prevention. 

The story is about a high school misfit with severe OCD who forms an unlikely friendship with a popular classmate through a shared passion for music and dance.

Ultimately, the film is an uplifting tale which promotes the theme of 'acceptance'.

The title role is to be played by Villa Junior Lemanu. A gifted performer, Villa is currently studying dance at University of Auckland and participating in professional theatre productions with Massive Company.

The project is produced by Alex Lovell and Eldon Booth, co-directed by Samson Rambo and Ian Leaupepe -  our purpose is to create a film with international appeal that spotlights important issues within our community and presents an entertaining, thought-provoking point of view.

The production has been fortunate to receive $10,000 funding from New Zealand Film Commission under the Fresh Shorts initiative based on the quality of our concept and script.

We are very grateful to have the backing of the Film Commission and now that we have the opportunity - we wish to make the most of it!

It's no secret that filmmaking is an expensive medium to work within - our goal is to raise more money so we can attain the best production value possible and give our film every chance to succeed in the highly competitive international film festival circuit.

We have set our minimum target at $4,000 but with your help, we hope to raise as much as possible.

Every donation is greatly appreciated large or small - the more funds we can raise, the greater production value we can attain with regards to locations (including permit and traffic management fees), stunt co-ordination costs and the ability to hire the best camera and lighting equipment available (along with a crew with the skill and experience needed to operate it).

We aim to bring together the best New Zealand talent from the areas of filmmaking and dance to create a final product rich in entertainment and cultural values - one that our community and supporters can be proud of.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for showing an interest in our project. 

Keep an eye out for the #MFMJ hashtag on social media - please DONATE and SHARE and help us realise our vision to its fullest potential!


  • THANK YOU!!!


    We are absolutely blown away by the all support our project has received! Thanks to everyone who has donated to help us reach 250%!

    Now that we’ve hit 250%, we’re hoping to raise as much as possible so we can put more funds towards production design costs (location fees, art department expenses including props and image licensing).

    Thanks again for helping us realise this exciting project to its full potential!


    It is also our great pleasure to announce that Luciane Buchanan will play the lead role of Selena! Luciane is one of New Zealand’s brightest young acting talents and we’re excited to have her join the MFMJ Family!

    We have more awesome casting announcements to come soon – follow our Run Charlie Films Facebook page for updates!

    Love from the Run Charlie Films team!

    (Photograph by Josh Winger)

    THANK YOU!!!
  • We STILL need your support!


    Thank you to all those have donated to the project thus far – we are truly humbled by your support!

    We have surpassed our base target of $4,000 and are striving to reach $10,000 (250%) so we can further our resources to realise this ambitious story.

    Your donations will be put to excellent use and afford us the opportunity to hire specialist crew members and production costs needed to achieve a story with this scope – including a dedicated costume designer, a special effects make-up person and an experienced stunt coordinator to plan and supervise the safe execution of pivotal action scenes within the drama.

    As our fundraising efforts continue, we are now firmly in the pre-production stages. This week, we are busy casting the supporting roles – while our leading man Villa Junior Lemanu hits the gym and dance studio to rehearse with choreographer Tony Pati.

    Planning for the visual look of the film is also underway with cinematographer Ian McCarroll and art directors Vea Mafile’o and Emily Mafile’o. We have assembled a talented team to help us bring the ‘world’ and characters to life and we’re working hard to produce a film which can succeed on the international festival circuit - a finished product to make our community and supporters proud.

    Please keep donating and help us reach our new target - we are very grateful for any donation, large or small.

    Thank you for taking an interest in "My Friend Michael Jones" – any support you can give is greatly appreciated!

    Best Wishes,
    Eldon, Alex, Ian and Samson