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My name is Holly Newsome and I am a young aspiring choreographer and company director (of my own dance company that I am creating).
I am currently a 3rd year student at the New Zealand school of Dance and have recently been chosen out of approximately 100 applicants to present my work in Melbourne at the Dance Architect competition along side 10 other over 20s choreographers.

This piece i wish to present at the showcase is a representation and further exploration of two short works i have previously developed and put on stage. I had extreme success with these works, giving me the push to continue developing and growing the vocabulary/world i have already opened.

The work stemmed from this idea that humans are constantly putting on a persona. We are too polite, we never say what we actually think. Everyday we smile at people we don't like, laugh at things we don't find funny, we are constantly trying to fit the mould that society has created. Although this is the stimulus, i am more interested in entertaining.

I have used this idea to inspire a funky, intricate, engaging style that is heavily influenced by music, text and theatrical/gestural elements.

There will be three female performers, each of different race, each with different backgrounds and qualities- Grace Bentley, Issy Estrella and Jess Johns.

The 3 dances and I will have to travel to Melbourne to perform this piece and as we all currently live in Wellington, NZ. It just simply isn't feasible for us students at this point in our careers. We are covering our accommodation and general costs but we need help with flights and travel expenses!

This is a great opportunity for us. My goal is to one day have my own contemporary dance company.

I guess no one really has spare change these days, but if you anything to throw our way we will catch it with open arms. Any donations will be so greatly appreciated.

One day i hope to entertain a wider audience with many more works, but for now i need your help.

Much Love!

Some excepts of my previous works: