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FAFSWAG have been invited to the Centre Pompidou in Paris France to present the short films Khaos, Tamatoa and Fang from the Vogue Interactive Documentary FAFSWAGVOGUE.COM, as well as the commissioned video work by Jermaine Dean entitled FEMSLICK 2017; directed by Akashi Fisi'inaua.

While we have been funded to travel and present our work abroad there are some expenses related to the trip that are not covered. We're seeking your support to help us cover the full costs of this trip and ensure we're in the best possible position to rep our country and also make the most of this amazing opportunity.

Your support will go towards the 5 artists traveling on this project, Pati Solomona Tyrell, Jermaine Dean, Akashi Fisi'inaua, Cypris Afakasi and Tanu Gago.

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