Conor Cameron

Evan's Odyssey

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"On his quest for love, a weary young wage-slave becomes entangled in a battle between his lawyer brother and a ruthless criminal syndicate."

Evan's Odyssey is a web-series in development. The stories and characters are based on Greek mythology, crammed into 21st Century Wellington City.

My dream of breathing cinematic life into this bizarre collision of worlds is close to becoming a reality. I've spent months carefully crafting, revising, advising and refining this juggling act of a project with the support of some extremely generous and talented people, such as my long term friend and collaborator Finn O'Connor, lead actor Marco Alosio, advisor Raai Badeeu and my very competent producer and life partner, Liv Chan.

The funding we're appealing for will allow us to film the pilot episode, which we would use as a proof of concept. This pilot would be shown at the Embassy theatre to a large audience in November this year, alongside the short films of notable film-makers Michelle Saville, Florian Habicht and Jonathan King!

Specifically, we need your help to cover the cost of prosthetics, costume, feeding our dedicated cast and crew as well as the hiring of film equipment.

In the pilot, we follow Evan, a character inspired by the Titan of hindsight, Epimetheus. We meet versions of mythical icons such as Heracles, Poseidon, Prometheus, the Moirai and more. This world we're building allows for a farfetched story and absurd humour.

We have a competent and diverse cast and crew made up mostly of Toi Whakaari students, with a handful of industry pros. Everybody working on this is doing so out of passion for the shared vision we have for this project. Most of those involved, our producer Liv Chan and myself included, are working pro-bono.

Having the privilege of showing such a massive piece of work at the Embassy theatre could mean big things for our team, with members of the film commission, agents, producers and plenty of established film makers present. It will be a major stepping stone in many people's careers.

As a way of giving back to our donators and supporters, we will be providing regular updates and behind the scenes footage of our progress. We'll credit all of our supporters and invite you to the screening in November. We can't provide gifts based on your contribution, but we will deeply appreciate anything you can put towards making this project come alive. Something also to keep in mind, is that when you make a donation, you can claim up to 33.33% of the amount donated as tax credit from IRD.

None of this can happen without your generosity. Come share the journey that is Evan's Odyssey.