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Ending Violence - The Film

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We are so thrilled that we made it over the 100% funded mark with 48 hours to spare - our sincere thanks go out to absolutely everyone who has helped get us to this point!

Now that we're here - and have a further 48 hours to go - we have a new goal to raise a further $3,000.

What the extra funds are for:
We have been in contact with investors based in London who may be interested in backing this project through the rest of production, and post production; and a further $3,000 will allow Sandy (producer) to fly back to London after the 6 week shoot in Sri Lanka to pitch this project to these interested parties. Please consider helping us with our new target. We would also love for you to share the campaign everywhere, and tell people how important this project is.

…How can you change the world, if you don't involve the entire world?

Help us tell the story of world-renowned activist Leslee Udwin's plan to bring tolerance to the world, one pre-school at a time.

Leslee Udwin runs Think Equal - an education initiative with a mission to introduce social and emotional learning into every single preschool in the world. Think Equal's ultimate goal is to end ingrained prejudices and attitudes of sexism, racism and sectarianism through education.

We have a unique opportunity to tell Leslee's story as it unfolds but we need your help!

The Film

As filmmakers, we are so excited to be invited into the life of award-winning human rights activist Leslee Udwin to film our feature documentary, ENDING VIOLENCE, about a woman on a mission to change the world.

The Sri Lankan government is the first country in the world to implement Think Equal's progressive education programme, which will be taught in every pre-school in the country. With your help, we will be in Sri Lanka to document the roll-out of the programme as well as following Leslee's efforts to take Think Equal worldwide.

As we begin shooting ENDING VIOLENCE our story will be unfolding in real time. With Sri Lanka providing a backdrop, Leslee will travel the globe encouraging government officials and policymakers to adopt this progressive education initiative into their current education system and we plan to go right along with her.

How will Leslee stand in the face of seemingly impossible odds to bring her vision for a better world into being? Can she dismantle prejudice and end violence through education? How will the world respond to her call of action?

This is the seed of change, and we invite you to watch it grow.

How you can help:

We were in Sri Lanka filming some of the pilot program of Think Equal. Now we need to be there when they launch the program for the first time nationwide in January 2018. This is the first big milestone for Think Equal and Leslee Udwin's mission so we can't miss it!

We need your help to raise the funds to get our team there to capture the story as it unfolds. Now that the Think Equal snowball is rolling, it's starting to get bigger and our resources are struggling to keep up, so please join us today by donating anything you can spare. We thank you so much for your help.

The great thing about Boosted is that NZ donors can claim 33% back on their tax return. For example if you give $100 you can claim back $33!

How your donations will help us:

  • Flights to Sri Lanka and London
  • Camera and sound gear hire
  • Accommodation
  • Car hire
  • Insurance

About Leslee Udwin

Leslee Udwin is a world-renowned activist, BAFTA award winning filmmaker, and voted by NY Times to be one of the most impactful woman of 2015 - placing her in league with women like Hillary Clinton, Amal Clooney and Susan Rice.

She is quite literally a one-woman force to be reckoned with!

…All great endeavors begin with a single step…

The island nation of Sri Lanka is now set to be the first country in the world to legally adopt Think Equal on a nationwide level from January 2018- teaching the program in over 19,000 pre schools.

Our Producer, Sandy Wijetunge, was there in May 2017, filming some of the schools running the pilot program and saw how much the children were enjoying engaging with the content as it was taught through colourful storybooks, puppet shows and arts and crafts. She also heard incredible stories of children's gaining self confidence and changes in the way they behaved towards each other.

The Team

Rose Archer is a documentary filmmaker with a background in videography and editing based in Auckland New Zealand. She has worked with a wide variety of NGOs and charities over the course of her career including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and YMCA.

Rose has directed two short documentaries: Water for Gold, and Beautiful Democracy. Water for Gold was Rose's directorial debut and screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2016, was part of the official selection for My Hero Film Festival California, and official online selection for Lift-Off Film Festival.

Sandani is a New Zealand based documentary producer. Sandani produced both of Rose's short documentaries; Water for Gold was financed through New Zealand's Loading Doc's initiative, and has just over 10,000 views on Vimeo. Beautiful Democracy had generous feedback from all corners of the globe in response to it's release earlier this year.

 ​Sandani graduated Unitec with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in 2013. Her passion is for social justice based projects, and she is driven to produce films that raise the bar when it comes to cinematic storytelling within the medium.

Kay Loxley is a London based producer. Having spent three years from 2009 traveling throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Kay soon discovered her passion for filmmaking. She nurtured her skills in production and expanded her networks, in the UK as well as New Zealand working as a production manager/music video producer at Candlelit Pictures - an independent film production company based in Auckland.

Since her return to London, Kay has been seen to produce independent short films, co-ordinate commercials and production manage feature films. With a boundless passion for narrative storytelling Kay throws herself into projects that engage, resonate, inspire … and thrives on bringing them from script development to the screen.

Thank You

For more information please check out our website:
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  • Botswana!


    We have now been in Botswana for two weeks and captured some beautiful footage of the children from the schools we are following. Our stroy feels like it is really starting to take shape. Its been such and experience and we are having a blast not just filming in the schools but also immersing ourselves in the culture and the communities we are filming in. Follow us on Facebook for more.

  • Botswana!


    We have now been in Botswana for two weeks and captured some beautiful footage of the children from the schools we are following. Our stroy feels like it is really starting to take shape. Its been such and experience and we are having a blast not just filming in the schools but also immersing ourselves in the culture and the communities we are filming in. Follow us on Facebook for more.

  • International Woman's Day march


    The Ending Violence team was out at London Women's Strike, with our "comrades and sisters", for equality, freedom, and solidarity last week. Some wonderful women and men were at the march. Rose and the team were getting some amazing footage at this inspirational event.

    We continue to film Leslee Udwin and her team as they work tirelessly to bring Think Equal to children around the globe.

    International Woman's Day march


    It was an incredible 2017 - join us as we look forward to what promises to be an exciting new year!

    As development for ENDING VIOLENCE is in full swing, we begin 2018 feeling even more empowered and motivated to continue advocating for gender equality. In our film we will explore how social and emotional learning can be one of the most effective tools for creating a more peaceful and equal society. We turn to education, in the hopes that we will be lead to the day where "no person will have to say #MeToo again."

    Thank you again for joining us in making this important film.

    Rose and Kay continue to film with Leslee Udwin in London and follow her journey of bringing Social and Emotional learning to the education system world wide, as a mandatory subject.

    We can't wait to travel to Sri Lanka in the coming months to document the Think Equal roll out. The Sri Lankan government along with Leslee Udwin are working tirelessly to make the national roll out happen within the next two months.

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates:




    With just 4 days to go Rose, Kay and I are so excited to have another angel donor who will give us $4000 if we get over 50 donors on BOOSTED!!!

    We are so close to our target now and we couldn't be happier. Will you support us further by sharing the link to our campaign and encourag your networks to be one of the 50 donors who can help us unlock the $4000 in the remaining 4 day?

    Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far :)

    We only need 41 more donors!!



    Our very own Rose has landed safe in the big smoke! 


    Meeting her there was Kay, our UK co-producer, before the two of them headed straight to West of the city to pick up the camera and sound gear generously lent to us by Picture Canning. 


    Next stop ...the Think Equal office to see Leslee and the team, and check into where they're at with their preparations for the New Year launch of the initiative in Sri Lanka! The Ending Violence team aim to be there every step of the way, so please continue to support and follow us!


    We have only a week left to make the money we need to get Ending Violence the film under way, so please share the campaign with your friends and family!


    See you again soon! xx

  • Rose is off to London!


    ****Exciting update*****

    Rose is off to London today to start filming with Leslee Uwdin before we head to Sri Lanka in late January to continue filming Ending Violence. 

    Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated to our campaign so far. We are so excited to make this film and and take you along on this exciting journey!! :)

    Share our campaign with your friends, family and on social media and help us get to 50%!!

    Campaign link:

    Rose is off to London!

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