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We've wrapped filming, and now you can help us with completing post-production.

Our collaboratively made anthology, "Encounters", is a feature film of shorts from emerging New Zealand filmmakers, providing a unique opportunity to promote New Zealand talent globally.

Wellington-based filmmakers Chaz Harris and Conan McKegg founded Oneshot Collective in mid-2014 to support and promote emerging New Zealand screen talent. "Encounters" is Oneshot's first project.

By donating and sharing this Boosted campaign, you'll be supporting the careers of 12 filmmakers, along with their cast and crews, to finish the film professionally and promote this exciting group of emerging artists to the world.

Short films are expensive to make and have no commercial value. There is also currently no path-to-market or platform for showcasing emerging screen talent outside of film festivals or short films. Knowing the difficulty of getting noticed as New Zealand based developers of intellectual property, we wanted to try and change that by bringing the Wellington independent filmmaking community together to solve the problem ourselves.

We believe something far greater can be accomplished with a collaboratively made feature of shorts. Through combining our resources, talents and working together.

Since August 2014 each filmmaker has worked with us to develop, crowdfund, produce and roughcut their 12 short film segments based on the common theme of chance encounters. This has given new and existing film practitioners experience and will give many of them their first feature film credits.

Our line-up of directors also includes a 41% representation of female filmmakers compared to the global industry average of 9%.

Now, with the help of world-class post-production facility Park Road Post, our aim is to complete post-production in time to submit to various festivals by late August.

Our talented cast includes Siobhan Marshall (Outrageous Fortune), Cohen Holloway (Top of the Lake/Find Me a Maori Bride), Sophie Hambleton (Westside), Ben Fransham (30 Days of Night/What We Do in the Shadows), and Billy T award-winner Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (What We Do in the Shadows).

If you've already supported one of our participating Oneshot filmmakers, this is your chance to help them work with a world-class team of post-production professionals and allow their films to be completed to the highest technical standards.

We need to raise a minimum of $20,000 to cover the essential costs involved, but anything we raise beyond this will increase the quality of the end product and help the film reach a wider audience.

We cannot do this alone, so please donate what you can and share the Oneshot story.

"We rise by lifting others" ~ Robert Ingersoll

For more information about us, the individual filmmakers and their films please visit:



  • We'll Be Back!


    Greetings everyone!

    We may not have made our Boosted target this time around, but we didn't get this far by giving up at the first hurdle! With that in mind, we'd love to have your support again when we re-launch our fundraising efforts with renewed energy and more fresh content in August. 

    Having received funding support from the Emerging Artists Trust during our campaign, our target is likely to be a lower amount next time.

    In the meantime, do check out the Vimeo channel for some great video clips of the films, interviews with some of our talented filmmakers and follow our page on Facebook.

    We'll be in touch in early August with more exciting news on our re-launch :)

    With thanks,

    Oneshot Collective

  • Week #4 - Lights, Camera, Action!


    We're past the halfway point with just a couple of weeks left so we need your help in spreading the word!

    We're very pleased to announce we've been successfully awarded a funding grant of $2500 from the Emerging Artists Trust towards the cost of scoring "Encounters" but we still need to reach our Boosted target to pay for remaining score costs and others such as sound design, mixing and colour grading the film.

    This week we're showcasing Writer/Director/Producer of "The Tramp". To hear Constance talk about her film in the first of our video interviews with Oneshot filmmakers is online here.

    Starring Siobhan Marshall (Outrageous Fortune) and Cohen Holloway (Top of the Lake/Find Me a Maori Bride), watch an exclusive preview clip from "The Tramp" here.


    With the directors confirmed and scripts developed, production began in November 2014.

    Keen on giving each filmmaker as much freedom as possible to make the film their way, production teams and casting were not centralised but did require communication with Producers Chaz and Conan to avoid actors being cast in multiple roles. Each filmmaker was free to produce their film their own way, and follow their own process.

    With the goal of the project being for each individual filmmaker to produce short film segments that were an honest representation of their style and vision, Chaz and Conan acted as producers for the overall project, handling the legal side of things and worked to keep a line of communication open with all of the directors.

    A link between everyone, their job was to keep an eye on the bigger picture, facilitating contact between the directors when required, ensuring the filmmakers were aware of other shoots in case there were crew scheduling conflicts and providing any other support in the process.

    From a funding point of view, a few different paths were followed. Crowdfunding was a popular initiative, with many of the films engaging their crowds to help get their films made. Others decided to fund the films out of their own pocket.

    Regardless of how they raised the money to cover costs, the films were shot on a shoestring budget with the average being a few thousand dollars each. With the support of the filmmaking community, a very generous sponsorship deal from equipment rental company Rubber Monkey along with friends and families, each director has been able to shoot their film to a high standard.

    However, a film would not be much without actors! Casting for each of the films was done through various means, either through running auditions or existing networks. Once cast were on board and a crew was confirmed, they were ready.

    All 12 films were shot between November 2014 and May 2015, that's 12 short films shot in 6 months, or an average of 2 films per month. However, shooting the films is only half the journey, next came post-production...

    "It always seems impossible until it's done" ~ Nelson Mandela

    Week #4 - Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Week #3 - It All Starts With The Script


    With three weeks left of our Boosted campaign, we have almost all the Oneshot films at rough cut stage and we're fast approaching an opportunity to sit down and watch them together for the first time.

    Hopefully you've been keeping up with the preview clips of each one as they get released for your own sneak peek!

    Jane has worked in many roles across a number of Oneshot films as part of "Encounters". Having started out as a lawyer and developed a passion for filmmaking, Jane worked in the UK on a number of shows including HBO's Game of Thrones. A full interview with Jane talking about her experience can be found at the WIFT website here.

    A newly released preview clip of Jane Fletcher's Oneshot film "Bastard" is available here.

    A preview clip released this week of Luke Ruscoe's Oneshot film "Death Becomes You" can be seen here.


    It’s one thing to gather twelve directors to make an anthology feature film, but it's another to develop that idea into something that can ultimately be shot and produced. We'd gathered a collective, but then we needed to decide what to do next.

    Initial meetings discussed what kind of film we were making. Were we planning to make a single narrative piece, and if so, why? Early on in the process, the group agreed on making something that felt like a tasting platter of emerging Wellington film talent.

    The challenge was set; how do you make a cohesive film that showcases twelve distinct styles without losing their unique qualities? It was decided that an anthology of shorts sharing a common theme as a starting point would be the best approach. Twelve unique chance encounters each leading to very different stories and outcomes.

    Once the directors had this brief to work with, they were given the freedom to pick their own stories. Some chose to create a new short segment, others repurposed old stories they'd been working on. Since Wellington is such a close-knit city, odd and seemingly random encounters are nearly a daily experience. As such, many of the filmmakers already had stories that involved people crossing paths in unusual ways that ultimately touched the lives of the characters involved.

    From these initial drafts, peer-review notes were shared on scripts until each director felt they were ready to begin production. Taking on feedback from the collective, they would then need to consider their resource limitations and find ways to tell their story both in a manner that could be achieved on virtually a zero dollar budget, and keeping in theme with the overall film.

    One of the most important factors was to ensure that while balancing those two aspects, the resulting script and film would also capture each filmmaker’s unique voice. By successfully utilising the feedback and encouragement of the collective group, we were able to develop a compelling and varied collection of scripts in a matter of months.

    "The enemy of art is the absence of limitations" ~ Orson Welles

    The Oneshot Collective filmmakers featured in "Encounters" are Jane Fletcher, Luke Ruscoe, Constance Gervasi, Bea Joblin, AJ Murtagh, Fern Karun, Scott Milligan, Isaac Cleland, Sina Leasuasu, Will Agnew, Chaz Harris and Conan McKegg.

    Please help us spread the word, share preview clips and encourage others to donate. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and content as it gets released.

    Week #3 - It All Starts With The Script
  • Week #2 - Going Global


    Week 2 is over and we're 10% Boosted! Thanks to everyone who got behind us so far. Some very exciting news and updates below:


    We're thrilled to announce that Kea New Zealand are partnering with Oneshot to help us promote "Encounters". Kea helps the 1 million Kiwis living offshore remain connected with home and each other, enabling them to share and leverage global experience, knowledge and opportunities. Given Oneshot's goal to promote our screen talent internationally, we're excited to have the help of the Kea community in promoting our emerging talent to the world and hopefully working with them to bring "Encounters" to a screen near them!


    Over the next few weeks we'll be profiling each of our filmmakers in a series of interviews in print and video. In this week's 'Spotlight On' the focus is Oneshot co-founder Chaz Harris who has a working background in the development team at Miramax Films and at Ruby Films which is run by Oscar-nominated Producer Alison Owen (Sufragette/Saving Mr. Banks/Elizabeth). To read the full interview visit our website here.


    A new and exclusive clip from Sina Leasuasu's romantic comedy segment "You Can't Be My Girl" has just been released and can now be seen here.


    Blog contributed by Jono Harris

    The search for directors to be involved with the project began this time last year. Producers Chaz and Conan had an interest in promoting gender equality and ideally wanted to achieve a 50/50 split of male and female directors.

    This was one of the challenges faced in early stages of production, as it was hard to find female directors to ask in the first place. In an industry where key creative roles are so male dominated, finding people through networks alone became difficult. The Producers also thought it important to be showcasing as many different styles as possible.

    To find them, Chaz and Conan started by reaching out to their own networks and some of the participants of Wellington-based Sandpit: Script Workshops which they are a part of. After announcing the project more publicly and seeking expressions of interest, they then had to look at who felt suitable in terms of availability, talent and alignment with the vision and approach of the project.

    Eventually, they narrowed it down to six male and six female directors, who were all keen to be involved. Unfortunately, one of the female directors had to pull out and a male director who had already asked to be on the waitlist was allowed to take her place. This skewed things to 41% (5:7), which is still sadly a remarkably better statistic than the 9% of films directed by women globally.

    The rest of the selection process, quite by accident, resulted in a representation of diverse voices including Pacific Island, Maori and Thai along with two LGBT filmmakers in the lineup.

    What was important in the selected participants was for the directors to be passionate emerging artists with interesting creative voices. They also needed to willing and able to collaborate with others along with delivering professional quality films.

    "It's better to have a great team, than a team of greats" ~ Simon Sinek

    The Oneshot Collective filmmakers featured in "Encounters" are Jane Fletcher, Luke Ruscoe, Constance Gervasi, Bea Joblin, AJ Murtagh, Fern Karun, Scott Milligan, Isaac Cleland, Sina Leasuasu, Will Agnew, Chaz Harris and Conan McKegg.

    Please help us by continuing to spread the word, sharing any preview clips you enjoy and encouraging others to donate. You can follow us on Facebook to see the latest news updates and clips as they are released.

    Week #2 - Going Global
  • Week #1 - We're On Our Way!



    Week 1 of our Boosted Campaign is over and we've almost made it to 10% funded! Thanks to all of our kind donors so far, we hugely appreciate your backing! :)

    Yesterday, "Encounters" was a featured news story on, read the article here

    We'll also be profiling each of our Oneshot filmmakers in the coming weeks of the campaign, releasing clips from the various short film segments and making a few other exciting announcements too. Follow us on Facebook and/or join the public Facebook event page to hear about them as they happen.  

    First up is a preview clip from Conan McKegg's quirky comedy "Out With Mum". For an interview with Conan about his film please visit GayNZ and to watch the preview clip click here

    The Oneshot Collective filmmakers featured in "Encounters" include Jane Fletcher, Luke Ruscoe, Constance Gervasi, Bea Joblin, AJ Murtagh, Fern Karun, Scott Milligan, Isaac Cleland, Sina Leasuasu, Will Agnew, Chaz Harris and Conan McKegg.

    Please help us continue to spread the word and until next week, here's the first in a series of blog posts about the making of "Encounters".


    Blog contributed by Jono Harris

    Oneshot Collective is a new talent initiative founded by filmmakers Chaz Harris and Conan McKegg. Their first project is a collaboratively made anthology feature film called "Encounters".

    Chaz and Conan had the idea for the project in early 2014, while discussing the challenges emerging filmmakers face in trying to get their careers off the ground. The industry can be brutal, and even more so in New Zealand; with lots of competition for a very limited amount of funding and huge distance from markets such as LA.

    They knew producing short films was not a good way to get noticed anymore - with the majority of producers and studios focusing on feature films for new talent. As such, they decided to bite the bullet and make a full feature! This would give them a much greater chance of it gaining traction and maybe even distribution. To add to this, they decided to make a film that involved not one, but twelve filmmakers. This would be an opportunity to bring together a collection of unique creative voices, condensed to create a work that would show off the talents of each individual filmmaker as part of a bigger whole.

    The film itself is structured in a unique way; twelve short films, each directed and shot by the individual filmmakers and their selected cast & crew with stories united by the common theme of chance meetings or encounters. This aside, the directors have been free to embrace their own individual styles, genres and processes leading to a diverse combination of stories in the finished piece.

    The main goal of the project, and the driving force behind its development was to help emerging filmmakers get noticed. Another goal has been to create a commercially viable product that can help boost the careers of each filmmaker rather than making isolated shorts which often end up as lost leaders. The project has involved newcomers and established screen professionals behind and in front of the camera working together to make each short segment happen. New connections were made, experience was shared and many of the participating filmmakers had a rare opportunity to see how other filmmakers approached their work on set.

    At the beginning stages of the project, finding directors interested in being involved, sharing the collaborative approach and vision for the project was a challenge that had to be overcome. It was also hard for those working in the industry to fully comprehend what was to later be accomplished; they had to see it in action. As the project developed and progressed, those initial problems subsided and the film has been able to reach the stage it's at now.

    "You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will" ~ Stephen King