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Empire State of Mine: Get Hamish to Atlantic Acting School

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Friends, Romans, countrymen! And whoever else might be reading this! Lend me your... wallets!?

You know that feeling of being so happy that you just let out hysterical laughter? That was me when I got an acceptance letter to study at Atlantic Acting School in New York City for 2.5 years. The school with its own Off-Broadway theatre, home to Atlantic Thetre Company who originally produced Spring Awakening and this year won 10 Tony Awards?! I could not believe my good fortune. Another thing I couldn't believe was the pricetag to pursue this dream. So I need your help! 


My initial BOOSTED goal is $2,000. This would help pay for my student visa into the United States and also go towards the cost of travel insurance. Realistically, the remaining amount I need to find is about $25,000.  This includes 2.5 years of fees and course costs, accommodation and general living expenses. That's a lot to ask for, but I'm hoping to at least achieve my goal of $2,000 and if I can exceed that goal, I would be incredibly grateful.

The US government doesn't allow any international student on a visa to undertake paid employment while studying. This means I must support myself financially for the duration of the course. Atlantic has awarded me a small scholarship based on the strength of my application for which I am very thankful. This goes towards course fees but as mentioned, there is still a large amount left to pay for.


You might be wondering- I'm a 25 year old actor, singer, dancer and musician from a country town (Ohaupo) outside of Hamilton, New Zealand. I have been involved in the arts for a long time, developed greatly through my involvement with Hamilton Operatic Society with appearances in Mamma Mia, Evita, Hairspray and Phantom of the Opera. I have also performed with Musikmakers, The Performance Guild and was a member of Long Cloud Youth Theatre in Wellington in 2012. Performing runs through my veins and I couldn't imagine life without it. I have dreamed of being an actor for a very long time and after studying briefly in New York in 2016, I couldn't be more thrilled to be offered to go back full time. It's a place that ignites my soul with passion and energy and is one of the most creatively inspiring cities I have lived in (albeit, the most expensive). 

Since coming back from New York, I have been working on expanding my portfolio as an actor. This has taken me off the stage and in front of the camera. The transition between stage and screen has been an interesting learning experience and one I have enjoyed. My experience in various television productions such as Westside, Shortland Street, Filthy Rich, Ash Vs. Evil Dead and Power Ranger have helped broaden my knowledge of on screen acting. I am currently playing the lead in a New Zealand feature film which we are due to wrap just before I head off. 

I love the diversity which acting offers me. I don't want to limit myself to one category, I want to be a versatile actor who can audition for anything from Shakespeare to a musical! I also want to create my own work and tell the stories that are not yet told. The stories that appear specific to a time, place, and people, yet are the stories of all of our lives. 


I have been working extremely hard to save for my education in New York. Alongside my full time job for a reputable corporation, I'm also a fitness instructor at Les Mills and work casually in hospitality during free evenings and weekends. In other words, I'm short on sleep. But I'm heading to the city that never sleeps and I couldn't be more motivated by this. To develop my craft in New York City has only ever been a dream until now and it's finally within my reach.


BOOSTED is an all-or-nothing campaign. If I don't reach my goal in 30 days, all donations are returned to the donors. All donations to Boosted by NZ donors are 33% tax deductible.

If you cannot give financially, you can help immensely by sharing this among your network. People will only donate if they know about the campaign.  Please help by spreading the word! 


Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Boosted and read/watch my story. Please continue to join me on this journey by following along with the updates on this page, and also on social media pages coming soon. As a country boy, moving to a big (read: enormous) city to pursue your dreams is a pretty massive life change. But I cannot wait. Thank you again, I am truly grateful for your support as I step off the ledge into the unknown and follow my dream. 








    I am overwhelmed. It has been a while since I last posted an update due to my crazy schedule of working and filming but I cannot say how grateful I am to those of you who helped get me here! 

    This means I get to use the $2,000 towards my costs for New York. I have already used some of this towards a student visa, which I have just found out has been APPROVED. What a process it has been to get this. Lots of standing in queues, filling in forms and waiting. 

    As the cost of my education is far greater than my target, any further donations above my goal will also be gratefully received and definitely used for some stretch goals, such as accommodation in New York City! (Yikes!)

    Only a few days left! 

    Thank you,






    With 17 days remaining on my Boosted campaign, I have already raised 87% of my target. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the support from all my friends, family and the community. THANK YOU to all the generous folk out there that have donated, shared and connected with my story. There is no limit to the amount of funds I can raise, however if I do not reach the target, all amounts are returned to the donors. 

    The countdown is now on for me as I am heading to New York in a month's time on a one way flight. As exciting as this is, there is a lot going on in my world at the moment! 

    I have just been filming in Auckland for the weekend, continuing a project that has been in production for 11 months. I am excited to finish this feature film and see the work on the silver screen. Here you'll find me on set for the feature film. 

    Alongside balancing filming with my full time job and 2 part time jobs, I am organising my move to New York. Packing up my life into a couple of suitcases might take longer than expected! 

    I'll update again soon, but thank you once again!






    After only 5 days, we have passed the halfway mark! I couldn't be more thankful to those that have donated to my project and shared it among friends, family and further networks. THANK YOU!! It truly means so much to have so much support out there in the community. 


    Here's to the next 50%! 24 days to go! 

    Keep sharing and spreading the word!

    Thank you again!