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We're Maui Studios and we're committed to bringing dope traditional Maori stories to life.

We do a lot of graphic design and film outcomes for businesses and a huge passion of ours is showcasing traditional Māori content to New Zealanders through comics and graphic novels. A huge outcome is that we can bring more exposure to the rich tikanga and culture in the Māori world and language.

We're embarking on a journey to bring more stories to life grounded in traditional Māori content. We're working on a card game that will centre around a pa vs pa battle. It's designed around a graphic novel that we're crafting in the studio, where Tumatauenga the God of war is facing off against Te Whiro the god of malice. Your card deck plays out this battle between these gods. The pa fight on behalf of these atua and the warriors on the front line fight for their whanau.

It gives a perspective into Māori culture by highlighting some crucial concepts like why karakia and waiata are important and also about whakapapa and why our connections with the land, river and people around us are valuable.

This is where you guys come in. We need your help to make it happen. Your donations will help us to pay for the design of the individual cards for one card deck consisting of 50 cards. Any additional donations will go toward the design of an additional deck and anything further than that can be spent toward getting them printed.

We've lined up what the cards are going to be, (the game design) but we need your support and putea to help with designing them up and bringing them to life. We can't finish the project with all the challenges of day to day business life without help.


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