James Nokise

Emergency Flights from UK to NZ and back again

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Comedian James Nokise was in the UK from June, having done the Glastonbury Festival and getting ready to do 3 seperate shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, including his debut solo hour - So So Gangsta - at the legendary comedy venue, The Stand.

But in July he received a phone call from home saying his step-mother (his father's wife of 29 years, and the mother of all his siblings) had only weeks to live due to terminal cancer. The Nokise's are not a wealthy family, so Rosalyn thought she could hold on till he was back. However the rest of the family disagreed. They emptied accounts and maxed credit cards to get a return flight from the UK to NZ and back again for Edinburgh.

James had eight days in the hospice with Rosalyn, then left for the Edinburgh Festival. She died 10 days in.

What is being asked for is help to recuperate the costs of those emergency flights. The amount is $2737.00 NZ. It is only for the cost of the flights, and does not include interest.

"Why go back to Edinburgh, why not cancel?"

2 reasons:

1) Rosalyn wanted James to be in Edinburgh, and was determined that he go back and perform. She believed in the opportunity and knew how hard he had worked for it.

2) She was right. James' was committed to three different shows (So So Gangsta, Puppet Fiction, Poetry Can F*ck Off), which we're all successes and have lead to future festival bookings, an invite to bring a new work to The Stand in 2017, an appearance on the BBC, an offer of a season in London at The Museum of Comedy, and future work in Australia and New Zealand as well.


However, after funeral arrangements, there is still the debt of the flights, and success in the arts doesn't always mean success in the bank account.

This is an extraordinary and one-off ask for help.



  • Thank You Everyone


    Hi Everyone,

    Today payment came through from the Boosted project, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive thanks to everyone who's given to me and the family. It's made a massive difference and really lifted some of the pressure that's come with everything. 

    Also just a thanks for all the messages online and those of you who I've seen in person since coming back to NZ. If I've seemed a little distant, it's only because I'm genuinely overcome by all of this, and have to resist the urge to hug everyone involved. 

    I'm not really sure what else to say. Many emotions, much aroha. Fa'afetai Lava. 


  • Thank you everyone - almost there


    Hi folks, 

    Just a note to say thank you so much for helping. I admit it was pretty daunting putting this out there and it's been very humbling to see people respond. It means a lot to me and will mean a lot to my family. 

    I'm finally back with them now, and looking forward to being home for a couple of months. They've still got no idea about this and which is a small miracle. 

    We're 83% funded and have a week to go. So if possible it would be great, if you have time and know people this would appeal to, if you could pass on through non-social media. I appreciate all that's been done so far.

    Alofa and much appreciation,