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Eloise in the Middle

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Prospect Park Productions NZ is excited to be ensuring locally produced, professional theatre is served up to the Dunedin public. Eloise in the Middle was programmed for this year's Fortune Theatre season so when the theatre closed in May, we stepped into the sudden void.

An opportunity!

Now, we're inviting you to be part of the journey, by assisting our community of strong Dunedin theatre professionals to deliver high quality work, regardless of the barriers. We're utlising fabulous Dunedin talent for our cast and crew, engaging Dunedin businesses for the things we need, we're working with the amazing communication design students at Otago Polytechnic. Collaboration and community are key to the success of what we do.

What's important to us? 

Prospect Park Productions' mantra is that EVERYONE gets paid for their work. It's also important to us that the show is accessible to the community. Eloise in the Middle is a story that will make sense of a lot for a lot of our kids, and for our solo parents and those supporting them, so we want them to see it.

We've scheduled a public pay what you can performance and two matinees for schools. This reduces the potential for income but it's as important as paying our cast and crew.

Where does the money go? 

With the standard theatre shoestring budget and our commitment to paying our people, that means scope for the other elements of presenting a play are tight so we're asking you to contribute a little  to our production costs, specifically the lighting and sound gear. 

We're keeping this short and sweet, with a two week campaign leading toward our opening night, so jump on board now, and help us continue the rich tradition of awesome theatre in the south!


  • Success: The lights will be on for Eloise!


    A huge thanks to all those who have contributed to our campaign - we're thrilled to have achieved our target, with three days to go! 

    As many of you know, making theatre can be an expensive business. This Boost allows us to pay for more of the tech stuff we need, taking some pressure off, which in turn means we can realistically factor in a Pay What You Can night. It's important to us that theatre is accessible for everyone and your contribution directly supports that kaupapa. 

    If you know of people that are still wanting to donate, it's not too late. Any extra money that we are successful in securing over and above our target will go into all the added costs and hiccups that happen along the way. We've tried to keep them to a minimum, but ya know, that's show business baby!

    Just look how happy you've made our writer <3

    Success: The lights will be on for Eloise!

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