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Elam Grad Show

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My name is Gui Taccetti and I'm a photographer and set designer living in Auckland. In December I'll finish my postgraduate degree at Elam with an exhibition at George Fraser Gallery for the final grad show.

My practice involves the construction of large-scale sets or scenarios, in-studio, that serve as a storytelling platform told through photographs. The intended result is always provocative and aesthetically beautiful.

On my website there are examples of projects, during and after construction, that give an idea of what is involved: Guitaccetti.com

For this project, I'm exploring ritualistic behaviors in sexuality, fetish and desire. It's the visual outcome of two years of research at the University of Auckland around those matters, and will accompany a written essay. It will be controversial for some, but then controversy generates thinking. By portraying some taboos around identity and sexual behaviour, my ultimate goal is to generate a healthy debate about those themes through my art.

Because of the level of commitment and time I have dedicated to the subject so far, it has a special meaning. I think it deserves to be my biggest project to date, in every sense. Bigger set, more props, more models and finally bigger prints. Pushing some boundaries is always important to me, and the large scale of this project, apart from adding more impact, will require an extra level of delicacy and committment to attention to detail. I'm really looking forward to that.

Your generous donations will help cover part of the costs involved in the construction of the set (timber framing, MDF sheets, paint, plaster) and printing of the images for the final show. Because of the desired scale, the budget is stretching beyond my reach, so I am reaching out to the kindness of friends and enthusiasts to help a little. Every little bit of help does count.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my campaign, and please feel free to pop in at George Fraser Gallery 1-3 December. If you spot me, come say hi!

For the community who is always support living artists, my major respect and gratitude. 

Best regards,
Gui Taccetti