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Help us build sustainable careers in the arts. We are the Emerging Artists Trust (EAT), a charitable trust that launched a mentoring programme for artists based in Wellington in March 2009.

We pair mentees with a highly experienced practitioner in one of three fields: Performing Arts, Film and Visual Arts. Each mentoring partnership consists of up to 10 one-on-one sessions, dedicated to the individual needs of the Mentee. This includes craft development, industry knowledge and professional practice, business planning, confidence building and professional networking. Everything the artist needs to survive as a practitioner in New Zealand.

EAT is unique in supporting artists at the beginning of their careers. While other courses assist developed artists, we discover beginners with huge potential and support them when they need it the most.

Emerging Director of Photography Jess Charlton was selected for the programme to be mentored by Filmmaker Phil Burchell.

"When I signed up to the mentoring programme - it meant that I could start what I wanted to do. I'd decided that I'd wanted to be a director of photography, I knew that was my passion, and so once I started the mentoring programme it enabled me to actually tell people - that's what I want to do -and it gave me some legitimacy because I had a mentor and it gave me the confidence to say, this is what I want to do. It's really essential to have something like EAT, to help people make that transition between film school and real life."

Donate to the Arts Foundation for our project so we can pay mentors for their time and give some talented young artists new wings.


Emerging Artists Trust

Emerging Artists Trust

The Emerging Artists Trust (EAT) is a charitable trust which was established in 2007 to support emerging practitioners in the Film, Theatre, and Visual Arts industries. EAT is based in Wellington and focuses its resources on practitioners living in the Wellington region - this includes supporting 'new Wellingtonians'! EAT encourages the development of high quality creative work and a skilled, confident workforce. The Trust supports new artists taking the first step toward establishing a sustainable career in the arts, as well as artists transitioning from one discipline to another.

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